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Teachers at pre-school wouldn't let me have a book in my hands because no matter what I had to finish it. I'm hopelessly devoted to M/M

Keira with skates!

The Next Competitor - Keira Andrews

So, skating!

A sport I’ve always loved and, as I’m such a hopeless case, I’ve never followed closely. Skating has always been a sport from ‘other’ countries: Russia, Japan, Canada, Scandinavian area (AKA: places where it’s fricking cold!). Meaning of this: it rarely appears on TV where I live. But lately it’s becoming closer and closer. Still, no response from my part. Wow.

I liked it a lot, because it’s a good book. However, there were parts that reminded me of Reading the Signs (a Canadian vs an American, Italian family, sports…). Not enough to say it’s a copy, but enough to say it wasn’t as original as I would have liked it to be.

This is supposed to be a YA-kind of book. At least, that’s the original idea, the original premise. It doesn’t feel that way, maybe NA, but that’s it. I’m not speaking about the chemistry or the sex scenes alone, but about everything surrounding the main pair. It feels mature, but they are young, so of course there are misunderstandings and a phase of self-discovering.

It’s true that at first the situation is hard to defend at first.

Alex is harsh and egocentric, only saying hurtful comments to everybody. I had a hard time believing he’s so mean but at the same time, he has lots of awesome friends and good people around him at all times.


Alex is super competitive, up to the point where he can only focus on winning, skating is the ‘need to win’ rather than the ‘need to skate’. I can understand athletes have an obsession, they spent most of their lives in their discipline, and not winning can be disheartening.

But… if you think about it, athletes lose a competition more often than winning it. So it’s only fair they develop a ‘second skin’ to bear the weigh and the pressure and still be able to enjoy what they are doing.

Alex focus so much on winning he loses himself in the process.

Matt is more balanced, he lives with his feet on the ground. He’s by far more experienced, but he still lives in the closet. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to deal with challenges of his own. And something happens that puts his career and his self-esteem, in jeopardy.

Their relationship follows a natural path. Nothing comes out of the blue and strikes as something ‘strange’. It’s fun because at first Alex does not like Matt. Not at all. But hey, he’s not so bad now, yeah? But hey, he’s good, right? But hey, I wanna have sex with him right now!

Yes, it’s a comfort story, not much angst, lots of fluffy scenes, a couple of hot ones, and a moral that should sound pretentious, but it’s positive and uplifting instead.

I do recommend it.


***ARC received from author via Indigo Marketing And Design in exchange for an honest review.***

A wasted chance

Carte Blanche - Nash Summers

This is not a plot I'm used to find but it sort of reminded me a lot of the Ten Count series, so the novelty was lost on me.

I wanted to read this because it's Nash Summers, but in fact it didn't touch me the way fawn did. Not even close. This is a light read instead, the fragile fearful guy who lives in his apartment, and the new confident neighbor who falls for him for apparently no reason whatsoever, and goes through all the 'baggage' this person has... well, the idea is kind of romantic, but it's not very realistic.

Despite this, I can't deny this is a very sweet story and gave me good vibes. What I really complain about is how fast the plot is solved.

Yes, the OCD aspect is important. But here, errrhhh: now I have it, now I don't, now I have issues again, now I'm cured. Well... not convincing at all. A person with OCD suffers, and it's a painful and slow process to get over it, to get better. I personally believe the author doesn't emphasize well enough the importance this matter needs.

Also, the problem with the mother is not even talked about, one moment she is the 'cage', and the next she is all accepting and understanding.

However, the romance aspect is not less unbelievable. Too rushed for my taste, too 'easy'. They are touching hands (if ever), they have a conflict which separates them for a while, the MC decides to redeem himself and 'shape up' for the sake of the other, and suddenly they are together-forever-in-love as if nothing wrong has happened.


There was something missing for me here. Like, the most part of an average novel. This change felt like a memory lapse rather than the contentious process of growing up as a person in order be healthy enough to have a happy and balanced life with your partner, in order to be able to cope with the daily complications the existence offers, and to fulfill your most profound wishes.

If felt incomplete. It felt not enough.


You can read it for free here.

Mindfuck :)

Murmuration - T.J. Klune

Beware of yourself.

Beware of the horse.

Beware of the birds.

Beware of everybody.

And everything else.

But beware of yourself first.

You can never know. The psyche works in mysterious ways.


Well, that was all sorts of spectacular.

There are moments like these in which I realize Klune is not just a good M/M romance writer. But he is a good writer. His stories show off a utter complexity formed with a layer and a layer, and a layer beneath, that they become a solid and bullet-proof cloth with apparently no effort. It just flows. They become something tangible, something real.

The book is marvelous. I was hooked and couldn’t let go. Mike’s voice is compelling and inquisitive. There are questions, questions, questions, and wrong, wrong, WRONG signs. From all directions: up and down, right and left, from the inside, from the outside. I felt chills during most of the time. It definitely put me on edge. It surely drove me crazy.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the most romantic story written by Klune. Moreover, what dazzled me was everything that was not love. Everything else. Like… everything in the end? I know it doesn’t speak high of the book, because chances are people wanna know whether or not this is a good romance. Well, the romance is sweet, friends becoming lovers so very slowly, trust and friendship taking an eternal meaning. Yes, I enjoyed it pretty much. But it’s eclipsed by the utter magneficience of everything else. Which is like, the most important part of the book. For me, the romance was a secondary plot, even though the MC’s motivations are truly led by this strong emotion. His decisions are driven by love at its purest sense. So I guess that’s why Klune said this was his most romantic novel. However, I also have to admit I got more love feelz in other novels of his.

I have no way to classify this story. There is no corseted genre in the M/M romance with whom I could compare this book. The blurb leads you to believe this is historical, but I dare to say that’s not it, not exactly. I’d say it’s more fantastical than historical. No, not unicorns to be seen, but believe me, very weird things happen here. You can never let your mind rest in peace, because you never know when and how the next blow will come. And I promise you this, it will come, in a way or the other, but it will. One after the other. KO after KO.

Sends shivers down my spine, body’s aching all the time...

Although you get hints and clues, you cannot entirely grasp what’s going on, and that was a powerful incentive to go on by itself.

But what a hell of a trip! This maelstrom in Mike’s head surely sucks you in. No escape.

Everything was spot-on. Every question unveiled. Every mystery unfolded. Everything was ok. More than ok. Superb. Spectacular. Mindfuck. And reaching the climax, reaching the climax, reaching the CLIMAX… puff. I mean, that ending? I admit I had issues with that last 5%. I rebelled against the idea. It didn’t sit right with me. It didn’t agree with me. So I let some time pass. I let myself ponder it. Chew on it. Sleep on it. And you know what? I like that ending more and more with each passing day. Funny that.

Visions. Voices. Hallucinations. Memories. Memories lapses. Reminiscences of a past which doesn’t begin to be understandable. Dreams that sound like experiences. Experiences which seem taken out of a dream. Surrealism. Hyper-realism.

And when the inquisitive man finally gets out of the cave… is he the wise man or is he the mad man? Will he ever be able to get back to was it used to be, to erase everything that came after that exact momento in which he began realizing there was something else, something more, something not quite right? Everything that used to be a major truth is losing its reliability. Every reference point is upside down. What to believe? What to trust? And the most important question: What is real here? What is an illusion?

Kind of creepy.

Amorea. I think it sounds like amor. Not only because of Mike and because of Sean. Sean and Mike. But because everything was lovely here. Most of the time, so much so. So much so to be true.

To be real.


Group review!

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クロネコ彼氏のアソビ方 [Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata] - Aya Sakyou, 左京 亜也, 右京あやね

Super sexy story. Full of hot scenes, it can be tiresome but I was so hooked I just couldn't give up. The first book already begins with utter closeness. The stray cat Shingo refuses to be held, to be possessed, because he will be left behind eventually. Until leopard Keiichi catches him and swears to never abandon him. Those moments were heart-breaking, and incredibly emotional. Sweet but explicit. Smexy but with a storyline that maintains your interest. I'm very glad I read this.

Favorite scene in the whole series:





This is a review of the whole series.

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Volumes in the series:

Main story - Keiichi and Shingo:
クロネコ彼氏のアソビ方 Kuroneko Kareshi no Asobikata  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏の甘え方 Kuroneko Kareshi no Amaekata  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏の啼かせ方 Kuroneko Kareshi no Nakasekata  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏の愛し方 1 Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata 1  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏の愛し方 2 Kuroneko Kareshi no Aishikata 2  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏のあふれ方 1 Kuroneko Kareshi no Afurekata 1  by Aya Sakyo クロネコ彼氏のあふれ方 2 Kuroneko Kareshi no Afurekata 2  by Aya Sakyo Kuroneko Kareshi no Ouji Sama by Aya Sakyo

Spiff-offs (not read yet):
ネコ科彼氏のあやし方 Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata  by Aya Sakyo 不機嫌彼氏のなだめ方 Fukigen Kareshi no Nadamekata  by Aya Sakyo

Smiley face

First Class Package - Jay Northcote

That was so adorbs!

Only for the good feelz and the constant smiles I'm glad I read this.


You can read it for free here and here.

Too long, and too short

The Frat Brat - Nico Jaye

It beats around the bush.

Only the last 30% is worth it. The rest is bordering on boring.

I know, the book is not even 50 pages long.

I asked my American teacher once what a fraternity is really about apart from those 'challenges' and 'crazy parties' we see in the movies and why would people want to belong to one.

He said he wasn't sure himself.

Well, this author is honest and blunt enough to say they serve the purpose of forming 'business connections in the future'.

Anyway, the sex scene at the end is hot, and I ended up liking the MCs then. But I couldn't push myself to care for everything written before that moment.


You can read it for free here.

That cliffy!

SUPER LOVERS 第1巻  - Miyuki Abe, あべ 美幸

So very cute.

I understand why people would have doubts pondering whether or not they should read this. I'm no different, I was suspicious. Age gap is no problem for me, but when you tell me one of the boys is 8 and the other one is 17, then I may have issues.

However, this story is not like I expected it to be. It's unbearably sweet. There are no graphic scenes, and no hint of sex until very into the series. I think the displays of affection truly begin when Ren is 15, and they are mostly kisses and hugs. So it may test the patience of more than one reader, but from my part, I'm hooked. The dynamics is so ambiguous, so significant but yet so very frustrating. It goes at a snail-pace, mind you.

Sometimes I wondered whether I was reading too much into this or not. Sometimes there is a big step forward that made my heart beat full force and my brain say "Awwww". Sometimes I just tried to go with the flow and try not to give labels, not to judge, not to expect this or that, not to focus on this on that, too much, or too little.

I found a new meaning to every little gesture. Maybe I think the world of them. Maybe.

The road is more important than the goal here, it seems.

Still, that wouldn't be enough to convince me, but I cannot in any way explain how this just 'clicks', how limits are so blurred you don't even get where that 'brotherly' affection ends and where the 'soul love' vibes start. It's so subtle, and so powerful.

It works.

And if it doesn't just stop reading it. No big deal.

There is a story beneath, even though it's not an epic story with big ups and downs. It's just the life of Haru, the oldest brother, with his two twin little brothers, Aki and Shima, and the youngest, newest adopted brother, Ren. Then we have Hary's mother, Haruko. And an unexpected guy so alike Haru, Natsu, who puts the things in jeopardy. Later, a Ren's nemesis, Akira, makes an appearance, and his imperturbable façade crumbles for once. Also, we have Ren's growing up, Ren's resistance at being considered a kid, and Ren's struggle to find his own place, to find his own space, and developing his own personality without being 'swallowed' by an overprotective Haru who may (or may not) see him as just a brother who needs to take care of him. On the other part, Haru's clueless loving behavior towards Ren was adorable but utterly annoying from time to time.

Slowly, they push each other apart but then they pull each other close, trying to find some leverage and balance. Trying to figure out what the other one means to them, what they do really mean to the other one.


This is a review of the whole series.


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Chapters and volumes:
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Volumes in the series:
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Optical Illusion: An m/m romance (Paint Book 1) - Emma Jaye

***DNF 14%***

I had a problem with this book since the very beginning. I wasn’t horrified right away but the writing style doesn’t agree with me, and it made it complicated for me to focus on the story, because it was damn distracting and formulaic.

What do I mean with this?

The author tells things. Facts. Info. Then she tells more things. Facts. Info. Then some more. And more.

I’m reading a chain of events, but with no real meat beneath. It’s like: I wake up, I brush my teeth, I go to work, I come back home, I sleep. Maybe I eat 5 times a day.

But no soul, no emotion.

Jason is in love with his BFF, Matt. Matt rejects him. Jason goes into the Army. 10 years later, he survives an explosion. He is kicked out of the Army. He meets Chris Bacon in Matt’s wedding (oh, my heart, that hurts!), who is a reflection of Matt.

We are told several times how alike they are.

It sounds so sad and pathetic: Matt doesn’t want Jason, but no problem, because Chris is there to replace him. 10 years younger.

Such a coincidence! Such good luck! Win-win!

Needless to say, I was wary ever since.

Chris is sick. Chris is poor. Chris is awesome. Suddenly, everybody wants to have him in his house.

The envy of every abandoned dog.

He needs to go to the doctor, to Matt’s exgirlfriend, Sarah, who is a GP.

I’d have paid to see that doctor interview.

The medical stuff sounded so weird to my ears. Maybe it’s because of the language barrier, maybe it’s because the health system is different from the one in the place I live in. But things are not clear for me in this matter. It seems Chris only spends a little while in the consultation but then he has to have been for a longer while, because, he is given prescriptions for two antibiotics, vitamins, iron, and sleep pills. As simple as that.

The space-time sphere is so surreal in this book.

We are never told how Chris feels. Dizzy? Feverish? Does he cough anyhow? Does he suffers from fatigue? Malaise? Does breathing takes him a huge effort? Does he have any pain, in the chest, in the stomach, wherever? Questions, questions, questions!

Matt gets him and takes him to the doctor.

Out of the blue.

I mean, I had no hint Chris was sick until they go to the pharmacy, because we are never explained how Chris feels.

Describing how a MC feels in a romantic novel is so basic I have no idea why the narrator didn’t mention any of this. I’m not even talking about the feelings for another person but about the most elemental of sensations. Yourself, your body, your inner voice.

We only get to see how he runs super fast and gets into the nursering home to see Matt’s father. BAM. And how fierce and snarky he is. BAM. And how pitiful he is. BAM. Just because.

The character development was superficial at least.

Then they mention the blood transfusion.

“How he keeps up the pace when he’s still so anaemic I don’t know. Sarah said that when she first saw him, if she’d thought he would stay in hospital, she would have admitted him, stuck him on an antibiotic drip and given him a blood transfusion.”

That’s serious, it means the hemoglobin is very low, less than 8g/dl (in some cases, they are recommended with less than 10g/dl). If he needs to be admitted, then admit him. Period. And if he needs the transfusion, you give him the damn transfusion, you don’t dance around complaining to your exboyfriend about doing it or not because oh-so-poor Chris suffers so much and he is so pitiful and oh-my-god, how the hell did he do this all alone!

He ended up giving his own address, and the name ‘Chris Bacon’ but the lack of a date of birth and previous doctor details were a problem for the receptionist.

I don’t understand this. Why has Matt to talk with the receptionist? Wouldn’t it be more logical to be Chris the one who gives his own data (I take for granted that in the UK in the 21st century, people have a tendency to know)? When Chris goes out of the consultation, he gets out immediately, instead of going to reception in order go give such information.

Oh no, he doesn’t. Let’s keep the doctors (and the administration) in the dark.

We are ninjas, hey!


Everything is so DRAMA-DRAMA-DRAMA. I needed all of this to be proved, not to be magnified simply for a dramatic feel.

The scene that made me realize I wasn’t sure if I was reading romance or a children book was the vomit scene after the wedding celebration.

“Fucking wonderful. Consider my previous offer of a blowjob rescinded.”

“Aw fuck Tigger, do you have to say stuff like that?” Mike moaned.

Chris grinned to himself. Payback was a bitch. “You should try it sometime mate, it tastes a bit salty, bit slimy, like uncooked egg white with extra salt. If you swallow quick when it hits the back of your throat, you hardly...” The sound of an electric window motor came from the back, followed by retching.

“You caused it, you get to clean it in the morning,” Jase said as if he was discussing the weather.

“I’ll do it when we get home if you like.”

“When we get home, you are going to bed,” Jase said firmly.

“So do you guys want some real live bacon baguette for breakfast, while I get my runny eggs?” The sound of another window opening and two stomachs emptying was music to his ears.

1. I don’t get which is the topic of the conversation here.
2. It’s ridiculous how puerile jokes are still present in adult romances.
3. Why is Chris Bacon considered so cool by them all? He’s such a stupid arrogant brat.

I just that I have the feeling the author doesn’t read his own words twice. Doesn’t consider them first. I get the impression she just writes without stopping for a short while in order to wonder: “Does it make sense at all? Maybe this one sentence is distracting for the reader? Does this paragraph sound absurd anyhow in the big scheme of things? Do I really want to portray the characters this way? Can it be I’m taking it all too fast, or maybe too far away in the dramatic sense? Should I write this or that with more depth so that it doesn’t strike as too rushed and nonsensical?”. IDK, certain details give me red flags constantly and distract me from the main story.

We can’t like them all…


Review with Chelsea!

***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***


A Frost of Cares - Amy Rae Durreson

It was good, but not that good.

I would have loved it to be much more, but in the end it was just ok.

The author really knows how to write a chapter, you are going to finish it and… BAM!!! No way you can stop there. I started this book at night (major error, I’ll explain why) and wanted to read only a few pages, enough to keep me interested for the following day. I read 30% of the book that way.

If you allow me this, I recommend reading this book in daylight and not in bed. I should have followed this advice myself, because it was creepy as hell reading about a ghost making an appearance at night while you are sleeping and who freezes you to death and doesn’t let you even blink every time you wake up.

It’s kind of claustrophobic and dark-phobic and bed-phobic and any other phobic I can come up with.

This book made my hair stand on end.

The story is written from a 1st person POV, Luke’s. I know people don’t like 1st person but I love it. I think it’s gets so close to the character’s heart in a way that a 3rd person couldn’t. In a different way, anyway. It’s not easy to do, but it’s beautiful to read.

Luke is writing the story, the story of what happened in that enchanted old house. But the real story is not the ghost that lived there. The real story is Jay. The story is for Jay. Their beginning. I loved the constant references to Jay, the glimpses of their present and the future, the buffing and eye-rolling from Jay’s part, and the loving interruptions that came just in time to delight me.

I loved the paranormal story. But I loved Jay’s story so much more. There is a particular rhythm with these parallel plots going hand to hand. I was so enthralled in each story that every time one of them cut the action in the middle I could not really care.

Winner here!

The Invasion of Tork - Al Stewart, Claire Davis

It was nothing like I expected.

An unexpected pair, this one. A kind boy whose copying mechanisms have failed with a big headed and frivolous flirt? I was curious as how the authors would deal with this situation, but surprisingly, Tork also has a wicked streak, whereas Adam is a softie inside. Things are not what the look like at first.

The plot is adorable, the dancing around each other, the coming to terms with themselves, and the subtle changing so as to be deserving of what they both need. It's a heart-wrenching story most of the time, but that doesn't mean it's heavy on the heart. Just the opposite, it's cute and made me smile. Adam made me smile with his egocentric attitude, which fails the moment he meets Tork. And Tork has issues, real issues, but he doesn't bend to Adam at all.

Adam wants to prove him who is boss, to put Tork on his knees. However, he's not exactly successful. Even more, Tork knows how to turn the tables and leave him speechless. Knocked out and frustrated with himself (and with Tork). It was hilarious.

One of those books you should never forget to read. Simply stunning, the language, the characters, the FEELZ. It creates a light of its own.


You can read it for free here or here.

New authors, new horizons!

Billie Jean - Claire Davis

Sexy and adorbs.

And sizzling hot.

This is my first story by these authors and even though it's quite short, I'm amazed at how well they manage to give life to the characters and how that devotion towards each other devours every single page.

The relationship is already six months old, so the book mainly focuses on how Niall sees Dan, and how much his world spins around him ever since. How important Dan is to Niall, and how important is to Niall not to lose him.

Even when he feels the need to hide aspects of himself from him, fearing he wouldn't be fully accepted by Dan.

I'm not exactly fond of cross dressing, but I admit it's not something I run away from, either. So that's why I'm glad that part is used just fairly, avoiding to be overdone.


You can read it for free here.


Love Pistols, Volume 1 - Kotobuki Tarako

***DNF after reading 4 chapters***

Permanent state of WTF-ismo.

Lots of what-the-hell-have-I-just-read moments with characters with a strange case of obvious microcephaly developing less-than-subtle acromegaly. The artsy style is so weird (bordering on ugly), the plot is so mindfuck and confusing (even though I burst out laughing out loud several times) that I cannot decide if this was good or bad. The romanticism is lost on me. But there is no doubt whatsoever that this is hard to forget.

Maybe I'll try again one day. Maybe not.


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Chapters and volumes (it doesn't make any sense):

Volume 9: ?
Volume 8: ?
Volume 7: ?
Volume 6: Chapters 27-44
Volume 5: Chapter 0
Volume 4: Chapters 1-2
Volume 3: Chapters 10-14
Volume 2: Chapters 5-9.1
Volume 1: Chapters 1.1-5

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Volumes in the series:
Love Pistols, Volume 1 by Tarako Kotobuki Love Pistols, Volume 2 by Tarako Kotobuki Love Pistols, Volume 3 by Tarako Kotobuki Love Pistols, Volume 4 by Tarako Kotobuki Love Pistols, Volume 5 by Tarako Kotobuki SEX PISTOLS 6 by Tarako Kotobuki SEX PISTOLS 7 by Tarako Kotobuki SEX PISTOLS 8 by Tarako KotobukiSEX PISTOLS 9 by Tarako Kotobuki


Fight the Tide - Keira Andrews

Not as good as the first book.

I didn’t expect things to keep being the way they were. Of course I expected a change. It was only logical.

When the apocalypses comes, people go like bat out hell. Needs are more urgent, more basic. The kind of: running away from death and seek food and essentials. This was book #1.

Once these needs are more or less covered, when danger is more or less away, survivors long for and seek other things: a safe place, a society, a shelter. They wonder about the tomorrow. About the future. All in all, a place to thrive. This is book #2.

When they find it, they have to adapt and live in that new society, which tries to be as similar to the one before the ‘end of the world’, but still there are changes that are to be accepted, and improved, if possible. It’s a re-learn of how to live again in a more or less ‘normal’ and ‘functional’ way. I guess that will be book #3.

So I couldn’t exactly assume this book was going to be like the previous one.

Still, I missed things. So many things. I think it was a neat book, but it could have been much better, IMO.

The first book was thrilling, sexy, funny, exciting. And so fulfilling in the emotional sense.

Here it was all… off.

The pace is much more slower, and I don’t complain. I was pleasantly surprised that they spend the whole plot in the sea, on a boat, making incursions in the coast in order to be provided with food, water and fuel.

And Adam looking pretty on a boat...

Hardest job EVER.

But that doesn’t mean they are free of challenges. They not only have to survive the shortage of supplies, but also the risk of meeting people you cannot trust until proved wrong.

It’s not easy to drag the action in only one place with such an hermetic environment and a limited number of characters and interactions, all of that in a rhythm that avoided me from getting bored. So I congratulate Keira for achieving it.

Man is a wolf to man, after all.

Josy says Parker’s sense of humor is missing. I agree, he was more bitter, more cynical, although I don’t mind that very much. Maybe because I read the first book a year ago, so I don’t see the sheer contrast as clearly as I should.

One of the strongest assets in the first book was the chemistry. The sex was dirty and exciting. The relationship was very sexy even when they weren’t having sex. The banter, the smiles, the glances, Adam’s beast taking the reins, Parker’s cheeky attitude… Now, I did miss all of that.

To my surprise, that compelling atmosphere that used to surround them here is not only uninspiring but even anticlimatic. I’m not happy to say I was let down. Even the most daring scenes were… out of place, like very far away. Told as if they were happening to other people. Yes, I’m talking about the

fisting scene.

(show spoiler)

However, I’m so into these characters and their story that I can only say I’m eager to keep reading their adventures.


I read this with my twin monster Josy!

Didn't convince me

Spy Stuff - Matthew J. Metzger


I’m sorry to say I can’t get rid of the impression this is done halfway.

I was all the time “Yes, but no”.

“Okay, but not really”.

“No, but whatever”.

I wanted to be dazzled with all my being but I couldn’t. I was starstruck by What it Looks Like (WILL for friends), so I know what this author is able to do. I know he has the power to put me on my knees and make me plea. He has done it before.

So it was no wonder I expected fireworks here, too.

But there were none.

I’m even brave enough to say this is closer to the “mehness” than I’m comfortable with.

How the hell did that happen?

Well, my biggest problem is Jude. He doesn’t work for me. He’s so perfect, so mature, so confident, so upstanding… That kind of integrity takes years to achieve, years to say “I don’t care what people think of me because I’m happy with myself and what I want”.

All the friends are so honest and loyal, no inner conflicts whatsoever, no real teenager bullshit or stupid bravado or insecurities that can challenge oneself’s utter beliefs. They were all sweet as pies and awesome and true. I mean, I’d love to have them all as friends, from the goofy guy to the grumpy and suspicious one, but they are 15 years old and sounded as if they were 30 (or more).

I had to suspend disbelief for most of the book.

Of course, I’m generalizing. Of course, there are exceptions. But this “exception” in particular was not believable for me.

I would expect these teens to be like the asshole who picks on Anton endlessly. I would expect easier to find many more of those who simply vacuum seal.

But Anton comes to school and he has loads of BFF in the first week, just like that.

It’s true that he disguises himself as a boy, and nobody is the wiser. So nobody thinks he’s a freak, as people in his other school used to think.

The father is so OTT-ishly one-dimentional. He was grating on my nerves but not because he’s an asshole, but because he’s too forced, IMO. I personally believe parental issues were better displayed in WILL.

The transgender reality was supposed to be the special asset of this story, but it felt decaffeinated and dull. Do not misunderstand me, I’m glad of the insight, of Anton living with this reality about himself, with learning to live with himself and his relationships and his sexuality. I loved all of that. So that’s why I’m shocked that I was feeling something close to… disappointment? Frustration? Somehow it didn’t live up to my expectations. Somehow I felt there was more to it that should have been conveyed. Somehow I wanted more, but not because I lost my marbles because of it and wanted to revel in it for a few more pages, but because the parts I was given didn’t live up to their whole potential.

It was a little of a miss for me.

I think my problem was not the transgender aspect per se, but the romantic/sexual one. The relationship is… off.

Labels. The project at school is so… convenient and opportune. Perfect chance to discuss the topic and see how open-minded and solidly cool these teenagers are. Pretentious. I felt I was sitting in a classroom myself, being taught how to respect people because they are just people. I got it crystal clear, shall we get to the next issue, miss?

I laugh at this but the people I liked the most here were the teachers. Both women, they were great. They don’t even talk that much in the whole book, but their presence is larger than life. Bonus.

What a pity. Maybe I had too great expectations after WILL.

So, not a bad one, but it didn’t rock my world.

Don't touch me, germs!

Ten Count, Vol. 1 - Rihito Takarai


The premise is pretty awesome. A boy with misophobia. He cannot let anything touch him. And he cannot bear the thought of anybody (or anything) touching him. And another boy who falls in love with him and pushes him into doing things he doesn't like because he finds them disgusting, but that he really wants to do nonetheless.

The other MC is a psychologist with his own issues.

Both have painful pasts, and both have their very own reasons to be what they are, even when they may not be aware of them.

I wish I could read a m/m romance novel about this topic.

I've read another yaoi by this author, Seven Days, which I didn't like. But this one was compelling and sensual. Maybe a little twisted, but whatever.


This is a review of the whole series.


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Volumes and chapters:

Volume 6: chapters 34-?
Volume 5: chapters 25-33
Volume 4: chapters 19-24.5
Volume 3: chapters 13-18.5
Volume 2: chapters 7-12.6
Volume 1: chapters 1-6.5

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Volumes in the series:

テンカウント 1 Ten Count 1  by Rihito Takarai テンカウント 2 Ten Count 2  by Rihito Takarai テンカウント 3 Ten Count 3  by Rihito Takarai テンカウント 4 Ten Count 4  by Rihito Takarai テンカウント 5 Ten Count 5  by Rihito Takarai


Always Raining Here - Hazel, Bell

Cute and unexpectedly funny.

This moment killed me:

Even sexy.


You can read it for free (online) here.

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