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Seven Days: Monday → Thursday / セブンデイズ - Rihito Takarai, Venio Tachibana

Cute serene faces that made me feel nothing.


Review of the whole series.


Volumes in the series:
Seven Days Monday → Thursday (Seven Days, #1) by Rihito Takarai セブンデイズ Friday → Sunday / ( Seven Days #2) by Rihito Takarai


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Where the Land Goes on Forever - S.A. McAuley

Massai warrior, that's a first for me.


There is sex (the best asset here), and a love-of-my-life hint (but they don't live up to it).

Why it ended? Why?

Teahouse - Emirain

This is one of the most awesome things my grabby greedy little hands have ever touched. I wish I could have it finished, and in a physical copy. Anyway, the summaries were the next best thing. Thanks for those, guys.

The pics are so great. With a cherry on top. I would spend hours admiring each one of them if not for the utter compulsion to read more and more, to see what's going to happen.

Cute when they need to be cute. Hot when they need to be hot. And of them are verrryyy verrryyy HOT (damn, Axis and Rhys together, I'm drooling here).

There are three main arcs, and that's something I don't really like. I prefer the book to focus on one pair and one pair only. It takes a little to convince me that this dynamics really works. But here? I didn't care. I love them all!

Rhys and Axis (did I say it was hot?):

Atros and Linneus (angst-angst-angst):

Reed and Rory (totally adorbs):

Stories full of angst, sweetness and fun. With an unmistakable hint of mischevousness which I learnt to recognize as Teahouse TM.

What didn't I like? Well, although I appreciate freebies, I hate the idea of only having this available online. I'd have loved to download it so I wouldn't be 'chained' to a WiFi area or the computer and waiting for every damn page to be opened. I got so impatient I ended up opening a new window for the following page even before I began reading the page, so in the end I had like 90 windows opened at once (the Firefox app in my tablet said 'Goodbye' twice) because I couldn't bother stopping for a minute or two to close them all.

Yes, I know, I'm a whiner.

Anyway, so wonderful! I'd love to find another moment to re-read this in a more unhurried pace. I kick myself now for not reading this much sooner.

Sheziss in her Teahouse bubble...


This is a review of the whole series.


Teahouse, Chapter 1 (Teahouse, #1) by Emirain Teahouse, Chapter 2 (Teahouse, #2) by Emirain Teahouse, Chapter 3 (Teahouse, #3) by Emirain Teahouse, Chapter 4 (Teahouse, #4) by Emirain Teahouse, Chapter 5 (Teahouse, #5) by Emirain + chapter 6 + chapter 7 (incomplete)

You can read it for free (online) here.

What should be, should be

Bird Meets Cage -  Anyta Sunday
“I’m the bird, and you’re the cage.”

It's a very sweet story. I enjoyed every minute of it.

However, I wasn't as captivated as I hoped I would be. It was beautiful and nice, but it didn't make my head spin.

There are many shorties that make me want more. That's not something strange, as as the definition itself says, most relationships need a big deal of pages to caress the reader's heart. But some stories just steal your heart with only a few pages. This one should have been one of those, but I still hoped for more, I still longed for a further development.

The pages available were almost perfect, but somehow I needed more to be deeply touched.

Dan says there will be a sequel of this *rubs hands*

The Art of the Heart - Dan Skinner

Dan Skinner writes about coming of age as no other.


This reads as a typical Dan Skinner story.

Young men barely out of their teens, if at all? Check.

First discoveries and sexuality exploration? All in all, coming of age? Check.

Sense of doom filled with dreams struggling to come to the surface? Check.

1960s in the middle of nowhere setting? Check.

Poetical and intimate style? Check.

Raw feelings? Check.

Dan Skinner has the ability of giving me what I need and still leave me with utter longing. This is a little gem. With an aery feeling, emotions get out of your skin and become tactile and real.

And the ending is open to hope.

So I hope and have the perfect ending in my head.

Because I choose to believe.


Story ends at 75%.

I really loved this

Totally Captivated, Volume 1 - Hajin Yoo

First volume: This is rather silly. But it makes me laugh so much.

Second volume: Ehhhh... that's work harassment. Sue him, now!

Third volume: That sounds absurdly crazy. Why the hell I'm still reading this?

Fourth volume: Cute. Still obsessive/destructive love. But cute.

Fifth volume: Awwwwww. I can't believe this is so pretty *hearts as eyes*.

Sixth volume: I'm totally captivated.


This is the review of the whole series.


Read in Manga Rock.

Volumes and chapters:


Volume 1: chapters 1-7
Volume 2: chapters 8-15
Volume 3: chapters 16-23
Volume 4: chapters 24-31
Volume 5: chapters 32-38
Volume 6: chapters 39-48



Totally Captivated, Volume 1 (Totally Captivated #1) by Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 2 (Totally Captivated #2) by Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 3 (Totally Captivated #3) by Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 4 (Totally Captivated #4) by Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 5 (Totally Captivated #5) by Hajin Yoo Totally Captivated, Volume 6 (Totally Captivated #6) by Hajin Yoo


fawn - Nash Summers

*hugs book and doesn't let go*

This is the kind of story and the kind of writing and the kind of author that totally ruins me for future reads.

“Rust,” she said, “what are you doing out here still?”

“I think I might’ve seen a miracle, Mom,” I replied.

“Oh? And what kind of miracle is that?”

“A boy.”

Sometimes a book is exactly what it should be.

Sometimes I want to capture the essence of a book and put in into a glass bottle and carry it with me around the world.

Sometimes I listen to the Silence and I’m not sure and still imagine sounds coming to my ears.

Sometimes all of this happen in one single story.

The mystical perspective of a little boy surrounded by nature. Everything is magical and beautiful. Everything is perfect. As it should be.

When he glances a sad boy through the field, he knows that boy is magical and beautiful.

That boy will never be his, but Rust will always belong to him.

In other circumstances, I’d say that’s bollocks.

But when my heart is bleeding, when there is a lump where my throat should be, when there is a limpid look where tears should be, when my skin can’t contain my emotions anymore, I know it’s true.

This feeling is true.


Startled and off-balance, I quickly spun around.

Ancel was standing a few feet away from me, breathing heavily, looking wild.

“Ancel,” I said softly as he came closer.

“It struck me too, Rust.”

“What did?” I asked, my voice unsteady.


It struck me indeed.


How to Howl at the Moon - Eli Easton

It wasn’t earth-shattering, but it was funny and fluffy. I must say I also expected to me punched in the feelz with a jackhammer, but hey, as a light and cute reading, I can’t really ask for more. So I won’t complain.

I’ve always liked shapeshifters. I’ve read about wolves (multiple times), birds (Kim Dare), the feline changellings (Nalini Singh), so it’s not as if the topic was big news nor something really creative. But this formula is nothing without appeal and talent, and Eli Easton has loads of that to turn a well-used storyline into something attractive and hilarious.

Because, dogs.

Why the hell nobody came up with this before? It makes so much sense!

Many people have a dog at home and it’s no difficult to imagine how adorable and hilarious developing a story about said dog could be.

I try to imagine my own dog acting as human and that only makes me smile.

Or burst laughing.

Just imagining him being the hero in a book makes swoon.

So yes, positive vibes everywhere!

However, I felt this could have gone further. The first half of the book (or more) can be considered a funny tale rather than a romance. The meat of the story really begins at 70% (or more). I never got bored but I had the feeling the real crush comes very late in the book, and although the posterior development is believable, it was rushed and a little disappointing in how easy things (and misunderstandings) are sorted out.

Do not forget Lance (the human) and Tim’s relationship is based on lies since the very first moment! No matter how you look at this, this is no good start for any kind of relationship, and much less of the romantic kind!

I don’t say the bond Chance (the dog) and Tim form should have been erased, in fact that’s the strength of this story, the originality and prettiness of it all. Despite this, I got the impression this book needed to be much longer, needed to go further, in order to form a real bond together, based on true and clean feelings, so from a healthy and safe attachment a blooming relationship is formed.

I’m sorry to say this, but IMO, the epilogue was sugary and sappy as hell. I believe it spoils the whole book. It was rather silly and childish. The good mood I had during the last chapters was ruined after that stupid “revengful” scene. Yes, the boss is a bad guy, the MC and the whole town are the good guys. I got it.

But was THAT really necessary?

Anyway, on to the next one!

Noooooooooooo, the end is not coming yet! To be continued...

Saga, Volume 6 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

This saga is many things. It's funny, it's sarcastic, it's creative, it's critical, and now and then, you can find these random pearls of wisdom.

This volume is slower in the action sphere. But looking through it, there are indeed many aspects of this installment I loved.

There are different species, different ethnicities, different sexual/gender identities, different points of view.

This character looks so damn promising:

I love the idea girls are not damsels in distress. If they have to kick asses, they do kick asses.

Gradmas included.

One of my favorite characters is Prince Robot IV. He keeps being as haughty and arrogant as ever.

Apparently, it's racist to say all robots look all the same.

This is so hilariously awesome.

The Will comes back on track with some mental issues and a few... pounds on him. He was the hottest man in this series (I'm sorry, Marko, but you will always be perfect for me) and now he's... ewwwwww.

Despite this, he's still effective in his job.

Ghüs also shows his claws:

I can't believe I'll have to wait until next year for the following installment.



More pics:


(show spoiler)


Off, off, off

A Foreign Love Affair (Yaoi) by Ayano Yamane (2008-03-25) - Ayano Yamane

I expected so much more, coming from the author of Viewfinder.


Casino Lily [Spanish Edition] - Youka Nitta

This was quite disappointing and anticlimactic.



Thief - Ava March

***DNF 55%***

This bores me to death. I began this book due to Ava March erotic hot scenes. But this one doesn't inspire me at all, and I don't care for the characters.

Heaven can wait, I need more!

Heaven Can't Wait - Eli Easton

Wow, I seriously loved this one.

It reminded me a lot of Unwrapping Hank. It's useless to deny it: I love hunky and apparently tough guys who are marshmallows inside they and lose their marbles for the twink but are so insecure they can't push themselves to reach for what they desire.

The idea is hot but also so adorbs I can't help myself. And Eli is a master at this. And I love how she writes, she captures my attention until the very end, so my only option is to finish the book, that's all.

The after-death issue is a well-used trick, but it was fun and believable, and not even the philosophical parts were discouragingly pretentious, as usually happens with these matters.

I also liked how this insensitive asshole, Brian, finally redeems himself when he sees beauty in what Brian and Kevin find together. The bullying scenes made me sick and uneasy, but the sweetness after all that ugliness, and the sense of belonging, made it up for me.

I'd have loved to see more of Kevin and Chunk together. They are not the MC of this story, just Brian's quest and ticket to go to Heaven, so I felt they weren't given the importance they deserved. I admit I would have loved a whole book focusing on them after Brian passes the test.

Now this author has my attention

Counterbalance - Aidan Wayne

This is so sweet!

Aidan Wayne really knows how to write feel-good books. Reading a story of these is a promise of a smile threatening to split my face in two.

They are kind of theatre plays.

Basically they are about two characters with flaws, but this kind of flaws that are not really defects, but an aspect of their lives that prevents them from really looking for happiness because of the fear of how they willl be viewed and judged by society. The problem is, this view and judgment they are scared of focuses only on the superficial aspects rather than the real person beneath. The characters grow thanks to the other one, they get free of their chains and embrace and cherish what’s truly important of themselves. Or at least, they find the way to go there.

John’s surname in the Cirque is Phantom. It’s no wonder why that is, as half his face is scarred, like part of his body. People try not to get close to him if they can help it.

Until Bao.

Bao is the new Chinese acrobat. He is cheerful and doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He loves talking to everybody. And, apparently, he seems to like to be close to John more than to anybody else.

John doesn’t know what to make of it. At first, he has no clue why someone like Bao would want to do anything with something like him. At first, he tells himself Bao is nice to everybody, and for once, he doesn’t make an exception with him. At first, he tells himself Bao just want him as a friend.

However, John begins to wish for something more, things that he gave up ages ago: a connection with someone. Love. He tries to lower his expectations, to extinguish hope before it ever has the chance to sparkle. He can be described as deliberately obtuse, but you also understand his reasons to be so blind, even when reality is so painfully obvious.

Because he knows it’s not possible. For someone to love him. For Bao to love him.

Is it?

Bao is adorbs. John is too cute for words. Their interactions made me hop on my seat. The action goes smoothly and their closeness happens naturally, without forcing the situation, which, by the length of the book, is impressive.

Bao can be considered too bright, too perfect, too selfless. But hey, John is the epitome of a generous heart, too. This may feel more like a fairy tale than the real world. But in the Cirque magic happens, right?

All in all, I can see this relationship being developed beyond that open ending, resulting in a great novel. In fact, I’m curious enough to know how this author is when writing a full story.


***Copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.***

Grandmas and grandmas

closets - Julio-Alexi Genao

This was really short and a pleasant surprise. Not because I didn't expect this to be good, but because this is a love story, but not the one among two men.

It's about a grandma and a grandson.

My own grandma would be scandalized. Not because of the gay part, but because of the 'sex' part. She used to sew the cleavage of my mother's and aunt's bikinis because they were too 'revealing'. For her standars, I mean. My mother and aunt used to unpick them. And my grandma sewed them again. It was a war of wills.

I love it when my mother tells me things like this about her. She was so OTT. I laugh so hard.

My mom doesn't.

So no, I can't see her behaving the way Julio's grandma does.

When I was told my other grandma was close to become a nun I wasn't that surprised (I must say that I thank God she didn't do it in the end and married instead).

So yes, this grandma rocks.

This is Julio™.


You can read it for free here.

Good vibes!

Into You - Jay Northcote

This was a delight. Jay Northcote is a hit or miss for me and this time it’s one of those stories she nailed for me.

Imaginative and adorable. Colourful and positive.

It was cute, it was fun and it made me feel good. I seriously recommend this one!

Olly and Scott were BFF for most of their lives. But 4 years ago, it all ended after a kiss. Now they are 18 and the rift between them gets bigger and bigger with each passing day.

Until there is this argument. The last straw. The next morning, they are in each other’s body. After the initial shock, they decide to act as the other one in the most natural way they can manage, to try not to wreck each other’s existence, as to make everything seem as normal as possible.

But that means being together most of the time.

Just after reading the blurb I was thinking about Freaky Friday.

Only that this was a romance, and a great one at that.

Olly is out of the closet and Scott is struggling to look keen for the sake of his girlfriends. Olly is supported by his parents, whereas Scott feels crushed under his father’s homophobia. Olly plays Romeo in the school play, and Scott is successful in football (European football). They are as different as day and night, but somehow they were so good together. Once upon a time. Until that kiss happened and everything crashed and burnt.

Of course, there are hilarious times, when they feel weird at seeing themselves from the outside, when they kiss each other and in fact are kissing themselves, when they have entirely at their service a foreign body they have longed for a long time, when they wake up with a morning or they find something similar at night which doesn’t let them sleep. They have to go to each other’s classes. They have to answer to their “real” names and deal with friends with whom they are not familiar at all…

And there are serious matters, too. How to deal with true feelings which never stopped existing. How to deal with parents that are so different to their own. How to deal with not being ashamed of who you are, or how to learn to be free in order to have what you yearn for.

They get to be under each other’s skin. And to face feelings that never had a chance to die.

They can’t wait to be in their own body again.

Even though that also means there will be no reason to be together once that happens.

They cannot ever consider the chance that the other one feels the same, right?


I loved the story, but I loved the fact that I couldn’t put he book down even more. These characters are adorable (even the secondary ones are balanced and easy to like). Even when what drove them apart gets in the middle, they comply and make an effort to reach each other’s hand. They are not obtuse for the sake of it. They feel hurt and sad at their situation, and both of them would love something different. Both of them would love to get back what they used to have together.

Their interactions are awkward at first. They don’t know how to behave when being together. At first they are too angry at each other, but also frustrated and lonely. Then it becomes friendship again. Something they had missed for a way too long. And finally there is this “maybe” and this “hope” that turns into this “love”.

When the future is so scary and uncertain, it’s heart-warming that beautiful and powerful things can survive. I wish I found more optimistic and fairy-like tales like this one without being sappy and sugary. It makes you believe in second chances, in the best destiny ever being within reach. You just have to believe in it to make it possible. You just have to grab it with both hands and make it real.

BTW, I sort of imagine Mrs Wychwood like this:


***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***

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