A Proper Lover

A Proper Lover - Darrah Glass This is a good series, but it isn't a series I would like to read on a row. This is quite the slow-paced love story. Pride and Prejudice with boys. And that's fine as it is.


As in the book #1, we only have Henry's POV. I would like to know more about Martin's thoughts, although in truth Martin speaks his mind more often than not. But he is so nice and so well-mannered sometimes I'm left with the feeling that he doesn't show himself in his totality. Which is understandable, because he is the slave after all. But I'm not fair on him, he's open in his feelings, he just has to say them out loud. But it's not the right time yet.

Henry is developing feelings for Martin, but he doesn't know for sure if he can call it love. And if it was, it would be an impossible situation, right? It's not as if he could say it to Martin. Because of the society, because of the power it would mean to give to Martin, and he is not ready to bare his soul without the assurance that Martin feels the same. So for now it's better to be cautious and in the meanwhile, he can enjoy their friendship and closeness.

The relationship continues the rhythm of the first book, everyday is taken advantage of. Days just don't go on, each one of them is important and as such, there is always something to tell. It's close to a diary than an actual novel, because everything is displayed, as innocuous at it all seems at first.
But truth is, lots of things happen.


1) We go to parties and how Henry is excluded from most of them (the swap parties), which makes him feel sad but not enough because he can invest that time in Martin. And they don't waste any time. They are 16 but very imaginative. They make competitions and dares and cute things, too. Henry feels very possessive and can't let anyone else have Martin, which is fine by me.

2) There are scandals and disgraces concerning Henry's friends' families that bring embarrassment and conflicts, too. For instance, Louis' older brother, James, has a slip. And another one of this friends have problems, too, which arises the slaves' fears and, by extension, Martin's. But Henry is not going to allow anything to hurt Martin.

3) And at Martin's proposal, Henry begins seeing Cora more often, but with the side effect that she loves Martin more than him. I was hoping I would see more of Henry's father, if only that despite him being so distant and cold he truly cares for Henry, as Martin states. I'm curious about what happened with Uncle Reggie but it's obvious it's not as much as a mystery.

4) We get to know Henry's mother's family at last, and it's a large family indeed. I hope we get to see more of them because the encounter was shocking at least and very revealing. I truly did not expect such decadence in a constricted society, but of course, looks can be deceiving.

5) And we finally meet, and I say finally because it's an interesting turn that this character we had heard a lot about appears, if just for a short while: Uncle Reggie. He is probably going to become an ally, one that Henry needs because he has no one else to share his fears and doubts with.

All in all, it's quite deceiving because we don't get far from Henry and Martin. They are the center of this world and little interference comes form outside, or that's what they make us think. In truth it's a long book and there is time for other characters to act and influence them. Sometimes they are just anecdotes, sometimes they are something more important. Other times, it changes it all. But the gypsy woman's visions haven't come true yet, but I've learnt that fortune tellers in books are always right.