A Most Personal Property

A Most Personal Property - Darrah Glass This YA series is so SWEET but it has also lots of sex. You be warned.

I loved the setting, the characters, the pudor, the liberation, the boldness... They go to school, to the arcade, to the park. They go with their bikes, their horses, their carriage... It's all quite mundane (in a rich man's world money IS funny) and their experiences together (firsts or not) are lovely to see. AU in New York City, 1900. Slavery is legal. Etiquette and protocol are a religion.

Henry has a comfortable life. He doesn't need anything else. It's true he misses his parents' affection but what he really wants is a slave. Every gentleman of his social circle has a companion slave since the age of 16. His parents are not very affectionate and he longs for someone to love and to be loved in return. Meanwhile, he reads the monthly chapters of his favorite story in one of the magazines for youths. A story of a hero and his slave, a story ambiguous enough to allow you dream about something really happening between master and slave. Henry dreams he can have the same thing these two heroes have. But as a slave is forced to submit, who can he be sure his Martin in truth wants him back?

Martin is Henry's new slave, and he's attentive, attractive and educated, as every companion slave should be. As soon as Henry sees him in the auction, there is no other slave for him. He's irresistible and Henry could take everything he wants from Martin and nobody would be against it. But once he gives in, will Henry be able to repress himself? Kissing, caressing and touching a slave is not gentlemanly behavior, and consequently, it's forbidden. If he surrenders to his instincts and urges, how can he be sure that Martin wants the same thing and that he won't betray his master?

So, UST. For a long while. As I said, they have a mundane existence. But in fact our lives don't really have a plot, they just go on. Here it's the same. No mystery, no murder, no apocalypses, no end of the earth, no closing date in any sense (if ever for the exams) and that's it. Their lives just flow and day after day there is something we all can recognize: routine. But this routine is exciting, because it's their cut and thrust that keeps your eyes open. Their closeness doesn't come easy, it takes time, but it's as meaningful relationships should be, above all in young people who are experiencing love for the first time. Together. But rest assured, they make up for the lost time once they fall at each other's arms. They can be very dirty boys when the occasion calls for.

The wonder these youths feel at the mysterious ways of discovery is quite enchanting and real. I loved Henry's friend, Louis, and his fixation to get to know the opposite sex. His obsession about going to a whorehouse or kissing a girl made me smile and reminded me of that Spanish TV series about the final years of Franco's dictatorship, above all that scene in which the kids try to score in the theatre when even holding hands was forbidden.

The repression is so tangible it almost suffocates you. It can be said that everything important happens in a room of four walls. In their bedroom. Out of it, everything is taboo, no looks, no holding hands, no kissing... The will power is put to the test every time they long to touch each other, which happens often. Slaves are objects, they don't deserve too much consideration and they are treated in a very polite (if not distant) way. They are vessels for their master's passion but they are not worthy of anything in return. Sex with a slave is allowed, but homosexuality in a master is not.

These all fears haunt Henry, as it's his POV the one we have available. Martin's mind reminds a mystery but the novella showing his perspective in [b:A Superior Slave|23245213|A Superior Slave (Ganymede Quartet, #0.5)|Darrah Glass|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1410974223s/23245213.jpg|42788524] makes up for it. Also, he's quite transparent in the feelings, which are often shown on his face. If that wasn't enough, Martin is pretty released in sex, compensating Henry's shyness and modesty. They are quite opposites but they fit together. So once they dare to make the important step... it's worth the hassle.

I absolutely recommend this series.