Moment Of Clarity

Moment Of Clarity - Karen Stivali This began well but then all hell broke loose.

"Good." I leaned forward, kissing his new, his chest. "Because I believe I owe you a cargasm."

Collin and Tanner come back from an "idyllic" summer in Fire Island. When they reach their dorm, they get the news there was a problem in a room that messed up the electricity system and that repairs could take weeks. So they seek a place to sleep. Till then, it's ok. Just remember it, I actually liked the book.


Sean, Collin's brother, is getting a divorce after he caught his wife cheating on him in book #2. She abandoned her children to "live a little" and there is only need to sign the official documents. Sean apologized to Collin for nor supporting him when he came out of the closet, and invites them to spend the time in his house till they can move to the dorm again. They grow desperate because there is no moment for them to be alone together, so when the chance comes, they begin kissing and all of a sudden, the wife appears and, disgusted, pushes her lawyer to fight for the kids' custody. So, in a few words, she left her children behind but now she has real chances to keep the kids? Only because a pair was kissing in an empty house? So now the house is a knocking shop and she has serious evidence of such, because, apparently, now she has the power.

So they have to find another place to crash and that's when they ask for Wendy's help and she, reluctantly, agrees. You are so nice, girl, above all because you are not even spending that weekend in your flat.

Secondly, when they finally move to the dorm, Tim, an homophobic asshole, hears some moans and gets into their room, finding out they are a gay couple. So he gets very angry and writes some message on their door for all the world to see. And surprise surprise, the RA mostly agrees with him! All the dorm now talks about them, so Collin and Tanner are eager to leave the place and that's when Gino, Collin's boss, offers a little apartment on the pizzeria. I'm pretty glad he is Catholic and an open-minded one *rolls eye*.

Thirdly, I wanted Wendy to die. It was tiring she attracted so much attention in book #2. Now she monopolizes the story. Again. She is egocentric and brainless. She doesn't live in the adult world, she keeps thinking that her actions don't have consequences. She is still dating the same bastard that cheated on her and then she comes crying due for the same reason. What did she expect?

And then she dares to get in the middle of the relationship. Why Tanner doesn't stop her in her tracks is something I will never understand. Why Collin doesn't dot the i's and cross the t's. There are some bounds you cannot cross and sometimes, if you give your hand, they take your arm. Sometimes you just have to mark the territory. Wendy is a bitch, but Collin and Tanner are too soft.

Fourthly, I seriously didn't get why Collin flees. Suddenly, everything is his fault, with no logical arguments and reasonings. He simply takes all responsibility about things that are just beyond his control. I can understand that he feels guilty of how things turned out. But there is a huge distance between that and assuming that the world is fucked up because you made it that way. I couldn't see any mind road by which his guilt went so out of hand. This is another Big Misunderstanding and I didn't appreciate it. Of course, he is wrecked after he writes a letter to Tanner and pushes him to Wendy's opportunistic arms without giving him the chance to defend himself. Collin doesn't respect Tanner's right to fight back and have an opinion of things. It's quite one-sided and I didn't like it. Not at all.

So, after some weeks secluded in Tanner's mom's house, watching Meg Ryan movies and eating chocolate ice-cream (no, he doesn't but he could have perfectly done all of that, for all it's worth), Tanner comes home to save the day and kiss and make up and happily ever after *snorts*.

In some moment Wendy, when she is leaving with Tanner to some friend's wedding, she writes a message to Collin: "Thanks". Thanks for what? Thanks for letting me have him? Thanks for spoiling it all after I jumped on Tanner and he rejected me? Thanks for giving him to me because it was the exact moment I realized this is not meant to be and that I'm an cunthole? That is not explained!

The ending is OTT sweet. I thought I'd die due to a sugar rush. They are celebrating the anniversary with Sean's kids, Wendy, who found the best boyfriend ever at the critic moment, and Quinn the Catholic priest accepting Collin's reality as if he has been brainwashed. Please.