Moment of Truth

Moment of Truth - Karen Stivali I liked this one a lot.

"Don't let little Gigi over there mess with your head."

"Gigi?" I had no idea what she was talking about.

"GG-Gabby and Grabby."

The trick with this pair is that the do things other couples don't. In the first book Tanner suggests Collin should watch porn to see if he wants to try something. In this novel, Collin decides to trim himself and Tanner catches him doing so and finishes the task. I thought that moment was very funny and made me laugh. In fact, these two make me laugh because they have a chemistry not only in the sexual sphere, but in the emotional and friendship spheres, too. I believe they truly fit and make each other happy.

Collin and Tanner move to Fire Island during the summer to enjoy the beach together in a big size bed all for themselves and taste the freedom of being together as a couple amongst friends. Also, after Collin's family gave their back to him, it's good to save as much money as he can for the following year at college. The people is welcoming and don't even bat an eye when the kiss and hug, so it's a new experience for Collin, who has always lived in the closet. And it's also a honeymoon for both.

But something spoils it. A little or too much, I'm not sure. There is a Big Misunderstanding, so I got upset something so stupid and cliché could happen due to that need to give extra drama. It can almost be interpreted as an insult to the reader's intelligence. That an innocent scene can drive people apart and make them give up something they believed on shatters the image of a couple that can face everything that is thrown at them. Life is hard and they are just beginning their relationship, they are so young and new to each other but they already have doubts and suspicions about the other person's loyalty and fidelity. And that doesn't speak highly of them.

On the other hand, Collin has been living in a very restricted environment and he may follow wrong decisions out of insecurities and fear. Tanner is bi and that doesn't play at his favor, meaning that his partner will always wonder is he or she is enough, if he is missing the other sex's attributes. It's unfair but I liked how that conflict is portrayed here, and how hurt was Tanner due to Collin's lack of trust in him. Some this dispute can be kind of "necessary" to make them move forward and build something more solid and resilient.

All in all, I came to the conclusion that, yes, it very was frustrating some immature reactions were included in the story but it also worked. Sort of. I know that shattering the illusion of them being a strong couple, a "we against the world" unison, is cruel. However, after those shameful moments I was really anxious with the possibility of Collin and Tanner not being an "us" anymore.

The other problem our two MC have to face is the drama-llama of their friend Wendy. And maybe I sound like a bitch here but God, she deserves it. Aren't her boyfriend Dex and herself playing an "open relationship" since their very beginning? How come now she gets angry when she discovers Dex having sex with Maggie? Didn't she used to do the same with Tanner? And if she doesn't like to share, why the hell she doesn't break up with such a loser who will never treat her as a lady? If she wants flowers and hearts, she should act accordingly. These childish behaviors drove me mad.