Kick at the Darkness

Kick at the Darkness - Keira Andrews I will tell you one thing: this is seriously sexy. And hairy.

And the trip is not exempt from danger.

Oh man... It thought it would be good but I never expected to like it SO much. This book is funny, sexy, hot, beautiful, sweet, thrilling, moving, touching, heart-wrenching, ice-berg-melting, and all kinds of awesome! I love it when authors write exactly what I want, exactly what I demand from them. When I read, there is always a little voice in my head saying "This is not what you required", "This could have been better", "In your mind you had a more worthy scene". But this monologue didn't happen here! I received and received without having to ask for it and that's why I love Keira Andrews so much right now.

I must admit that I have a silly tendency to drive these books away. Those books that work magics because all of a sudden my home page is overdosed with more-than-positive reviews and fangirling gifs. My mind is that way, call it inverted peer pressure or cowardice, but I just can't push myself into beginning something that all my friends pick out of the blue. I guess I need to gather up enough courage to confront the stranger.

But finally, I dared to look the beast in the eye (in more than one sense, it seems) and I can only say that I'm glad I did it. Because the main characters are perfect for each other and although it's obvious that that's how romance works, it's not always that subtle in the making and so obvious in the result. Their personalities are compatible and they complement each other's weaknesses and strengths. Their sense of humor is understood and played by both parts. People say laughter is the best aphrodisiac and I can't agree more.

I want to dwell a bit on it because, as opposed as how books and movies display relationships, it's not that easy to find someone who catches your jokes and attacks back accordingly. I was so grateful the author portrayed an odd guy who means well but fails at relationships, they being friends or partners. A guy that is not exactly outgoing or with an ability to make friends smoothly. I could feel so identified with him when he first came into university and found out that getting a C minus is more natural than not. I could sense an affinity towards him when he felt lonely in his room when everybody else is having a good time. I wanted to hug him and love him and tell him not to worry, that he did well in keeping true to himself, as there are more people like him in the world, and that everything would turn out fine.

And yes it did, he found his other half, whereas everything else went FUBAR. Ah, and the little detail that the guy you are falling for is a werewolf. Well, and the fact that mounting a Harley half of the day and killing zombies during the other half is becoming routine. Of course, there is always a little time for some fun together, out in the woods or in abandoned cabins and stations. It's not as if their owners have a saying for those naughty things that leave their sheet in a mess. And they are very naughty indeed.

We only have Parker's POV but it's not an hindrance to know Adam as well. Adam is calm and secure on the outside but deep inside he holds desires he's scared to acknowledge. And secrets he tries to protect by all means. I learnt to love him, love his patient manners and his generous heart. I must say that this alpha is very accomplished, as he only looks for his partner's well being. As he protects Parker the best way he knows how.

But apart from how Adam affects Parker he also envision how Adam is shattered by Parker's real acceptance of him. Adam is a werewolf and ashamed to be so. He has never met any other people of his species since he was a kid, so he has learnt to hide his true self for fear of rejection and distaste. Loneliness is a permanent companion, and a loyal one. I could feel his sadness, his resignation at being a lone wolf and a pariah and his understanding that he has to sacrifice himself if he does want to make Parker happy. But nothing goes as far as that. The discovery that Parker not only loves him just as he is but that also encourages him to show his other fa├žade. Parker is everything he ever longed for and achieved. A dream come true. I loved seeing how they found the missed part of themselves in the other one.