Guns n' Boys Season 1 Episode 1

Guns n' Boys Season 1 Episode 1 - K.A. Merikan I know, I know, from my comments and enthusiasm it would deserve more stars. But I have my reasons.

I have contradictory feelings about this. On the one hand, it's frustrating to no end. On the other one, the sex scenes are very hot. The same with Dom: he is sexy but he is terribly aggravating.

So in truth I must admit I can't honestly explain why I kept reading this with reasonable arguments. Half of the time I was pissed of. I guess it's the other half that prevented me from quitting entirely. I love the chemistry here and that's considering I hate Domenico's guts with all my heart.

Domenico is lots of things in the dictionary and rarely good: insufferable, despicable, arrogant, odious, impertinent, cruel, selfish, big-headed, abusive. A bully, a rapist and a bastard (and not only in the figurative sense, it seems). He feels superior to Seth, he doesn't want to bottom but of course Seth has to do it with no discussion (because BTW he is a prick). He makes fun of Seth but Seth can't do it with Dom. He is above all joke, it seems. He is untouchable and I despise that.

I felt like clawing his face on a regular basis.

Seriously, when I find sentences like this:

"How many languages do you speak?" Seth cocked his head to the side. Focus wasn't his strong side, so much was certain.

"Six." Domenico grinned at him. "Plus accents and variations."

Do you know what? I can speak 6 languages, too: Gracias, Thanks, Merci, Danke, Grazie, Obrigado. Proved. But only with Spanish accent, I'm not a machine.

For God's sake. I can't be jealous because it's so pretentious. This is an insult.

If Natalie Portman in Black Swan was promoted to prima ballerina in a matter of months then I can speak 6 languages and kill, fight, shoot at your nose and learn how to rule a Famiglia, amongst other abilities. Dom has not finished school but he is cultured and educated and stylish. Apart from that, he has managed to fit into the role of a mafia Don. And as if that wasn't too much, he was f*cked half the people on Earth (because the other half is female). And you know what? Domenico is about 22 years old. This would be funny if it weren't ridiculous. I guess I have to be grateful he is not a doctor and an astronaut and the President of the US all at the same time, too, because it seems he has time to perfect every field under the sun.

And then I read this:

His fingers were slimmer than Seth's, yet their strength was unmistakable. It made Seth think of an article he read about people only using a small percentage of their brain. Seth was probably using a small percentage of his body potential, whereas Dom, muscular but not was big, was filled with skill and the capacity to use it.

I won't dwell on the sense of this paragraph but I will say this: THIS IS A MYTH. Of course we use 100% of the brain, and surprise surprise, this is not new information. Even more: we use the 100% of the brain even when we are sleeping. Every respectable person in the field has known about this for ages (AKA since forever). This comment is not exactly outdated but it's obviously laughable. I would strongly suggest to stop paying real attention to films like Lucy and Limitless and the like.

But do you know what is the worst part? That Dom casts doubt on Spanish food. I will never be able to forgive him for that statement. Not joking. Seriously.

On the other hand, there are funny moments:

"Finally some sleep." Seth stretched and opened his jacket when a few rays of sunshine peaked out form behind the clouds.

Domenico wanted to know his head into the wall of the nearest building. "Better work on your skills with a gun. Take the black one form my suitcase and train disassembling and reassembling. Clean it, all the supplies are in the wardrobe. I will test you once I'm back."

"But... how?" Seth gave him an unintelligible look and yawned.

"Just... you do know how to do it, right?" Domenico was at loss. What the hell was wrong with this Villani? Did he live in a cave?

"I can use it, but not put it together." Seth scratched his chin as they walked into their building through a gate made of a thin sheet of metal. "I suppose I could try and take it apart. Do I need a screwdriver?"

And above all, it's very sexy. And sometimes I can't help but like Domenico, above all when he is little by little being conquered by Seth. Those are the moments that make me go on. If it was the opposite, I just wouldn't care.

So yes, not everything was lost. Actually, I will go on with the series, because I want to and because it's good. Merikan is are like that. I had a love-hate relationship with Dom (a real one!) and I'm glad I resisted (which is something I usually do if I'm not plain bored) until swallowing the rolling-eye moments was not an effort. The thing is, the characters have chemistry and I loved their moments together, above all when they overcome the "struggle for power" while having sex and in the rest of the time. Once Dom begins to treat Seth as an special someone, as someone to care and to cherish, Seth begins to surrender to him willingly. And that's worth seeing!

Also, Seth is not made for the mafia world. At least he is not trained for that and is considered a civilian, which results in the same overcome: he will never be a proper Don. And Dom finds out he doesn't want Seth to change.

I was a little bit inspired and gathered a few pics...