The Copper Horse: Fear

The Copper Horse: Fear - K.A. Merikan Sheziss approves.

This is totally not myself, I'm a good girl, I swear!

Definitely, this is not a book for everyone. I must admit 6 months ago I'd have said this book wasn't for me, either. Every time I saw its cover, I scrolled down quickly because it was too out of my comfort zone. But you see, I read [b:The Darker Side of Trey Grey|17924251|The Darker Side of Trey Grey (Trey Grey, #1)|Tara Spears||25120064] and it had ONE pony play scene. Not that explicit, but enough for curiosity to bite me. Furthermore, after [b:The Pet Shop|11349930|The Pet Shop (The Pet Shop, #1 - 3)|K.D. Grace||16279642] I thought I could handle human ponies, yeah?


First of all, the world building is astonishing. I'm not fond of zombies but this book gives another perspective of it all. We don't have the little group running away looking for a safe place and one by one being left behind after turning into zombies. We are in the beginning of the 20th century and society has survived in isolated cities with an unhealthy air and population problems.

Every detail is used for the sake of the environment, not just conveniently "invented" for the MCs' actions, but independent as its own without taking much of the plot. We get some clues of the general situation but never enough to get the whole attention from the story. It's a great supplement and it's the perfect setting for sinful activities to be openly displayed in an era when everything should be taboo.


Make a note this book is more erotic than romantic. Better face it since the beginning. BUT don't let that label fool you. If you are seeking a novel with lots of sex and no emotion, you better not read it. Because since the very first page you are trapped and closer to the last one you fall in love with Erik and Reuben/Copper.

There is violence. There is slavery. There is dub/non con. There is punishment. There is Stockholm Syndrome. On the other side, there is affection. There is teasing. There is excitement. There is freedom. And there is a reward. And in the end there is something much more important. I can't wait to talk about the second book. I just can't get rid of these two when I'm not with them during their kinky interplay. A bond forms between them and feelings grow.

Yes, most of it pushed my limits but didn't cross them. Saying it expanded my limits is more like it. There was a mix of perversion and playfulness that I found irresistible. The situation would make you hyperaware and wary but that awaking of your senses would also let you realize the provocativeness of the shameless scenes is exciting and liberating.

Copper is not a man, is a priced stallion, and in treated as such. As he learns to know his place in the relationship, being at the mercy of his powerful Master, he also discovers that he doesn't totally reject it but also seeks the warmth in his Master's hands, which are the only ones that can give him comfort and make him feel safe. As long as he fulfills his Master's wishes, there is nothing to fear and he will feel whole and happy and get the best care he has ever had in his whole life.


Because Erik doesn't allow disobedience, but his hand can be kind and gentle, too. As well as his lips. Although the POV is Copper's you can see glimpses of Erik's longing and desire to be loved (and to love).

I'm pleasantly surprised with this one. It reached my heart and stayed. I truly didn't expect such a tie with this story. It goes without saying that I needed to have #2 in my hands immediately after.