Undeclared - Maris Black Now I know why I love Maris Black: I feel I'm not reading the same tired old story yet again.


With her, I know I'm getting something innovative and different, something new. She never ceases to amaze me and after a while reading M/M, that's saying a lot.

It's not that her stories are profound or super "angsty" or weird. It's just that she is good. She writes about immature characters but they never rub you up the wrong way, just the opposite. I honestly don't remember an author that achieves that in the same measure this one does. When I read YA or NA books, I always connect with the characters because they are nice and seasoned. The challenge comes when they are childish and brainless. That's when I roll my eyes and kick the book away.

But I can't do that with Maris Black. She gives dignity to wild young people and she does it changing the well-worn scenes into surprising but real situations, with sparkling chemistry and sex, and with an almost tangible love that is never artificial and forced.

She makes me realize I don't need to hear the "I love you".

I liked this book much better than the second one. While Dan and Julian form a relationship from an intriguing beginning to a sad ending, Liam and Blake seemed a very unattractive couple, but surprisingly they fit beyond all expectation. The third pair of Trybe is now in high esteem from my part.

The characters never act as I expect them to do. They break ground and re-write the rules and they do so without the awareness that that's not the scheme of things. It's liberating reading how situations turn out with people who have their own personalities. This is a book written for the characters' sake, not for the reader's sake. It's so obvious and daring it could be violent but it's not. Instead, everything is well measured with the rhythm I've learnt to appreciate in the author. It looks like she doesn't know what she's writing and why. Don't let that fool you, she knows perfectly. Oh yes, I can assure you that.

The only weak point is the ending. Not because the scenes are bad chosen, but because I have the feeling the author was writing at her own rate and suddenly she realized there were only 20 pages left to reach the 300 and she had to speed up to make ends meet. Too many things happen in too few pages. That unbalanced the book and broke the pace marked for the whole story. It's a pity such a decision was made. However, I overlook that little detail because I'm not really annoyed at the series of events.


Liam has a twin brother, that will be interesting ^^.


PS: I'm aware that for most of people this will be nothing special. But for some reason that doesn't apply to me with this author *shrugs*.