rock - Anyta Sunday This is my first Anyta Sunday's novel and I'm not disappointed.


But I had issues.

First of all, if I was ever aware my father cheated on my mother and had a parallel life with another wife and son and waiting for a baby... I'd pull his eyes out of its sockets with a fork. And then I'd play a little with his intestines. Sort of William Wallace's ending. And if I ever heard another boy calling my father "Dad", I'd rip his skin to bits. Maybe I'm Spanish after all and appreciate what the Inquisition used to do. Or maybe it's just a logical reaction in a kid? The expected reaction? When you are 12 you begin to understand and argue with sense. You have a moral basis, you know what's wrong and bad and you don't accept things as easily as an infant. You are able to feel betrayed and with a good reason.

Cooper felt rage and sorrow for a while but it's surprising how well he accepts the new situation. It would have taken YEARS (if ever) for me to speak to my father again. It's not a betrayal against the wife but also against the children. I wouldn't be able to see him as a human for a while. And much less as a father.


My other problem is Jace. My resentment towards him grew with each passing page instead of fading. Cooper is with his heart open the whole way and when he is brave enough to show that in so many words Jace turns into the person who pushes him aside. Not in a loving way but in a selfish way. Not in a "I can't be that for you and you deserve better" way. He acted in a way I can't forgive, he wasn't cruel on purpose but he was nonetheless. Jace was an unlikable hero for a long time.

The Lila's drama was too convenient. Some kind of conflict was needed (apart for the love story amongst stepbrothers conflict) so the disease was touched several times and I didn't feel it natural, but forced, just in time to cause some damage and manipulate your emotions into empathy. I don't like the disease to "serve" a purpose, but as something important by itself. And I didn't feel that respect for it here. It only made Jace's torment bigger for the drama's sake.

The funny thing is... I have no problem with the fact of them being "related". None at all. And if they were, what's the issue? It's not as if they are going to have children (sorry, bad taste, I know). They are happy together, they fit... IMO, they think about it a way TOO much. It's difficult to accept something like that, I know. I mean that they are not even stepbrothers but they let that to be an insurmountable obstacle when it should have been something important but not determining in their lives. That's part of the reason I hated Jace so much. That's part of the reason I think him a fool, but not a nice fool.


Sometimes I felt I was reading [b:Something Like Summer|10213367|Something Like Summer (Seasons, #1)|Jay Bell||15086656]. Sometimes I felt I was watching Boyhood.

In spite of it all, I loved the writing and I loved the romance. I'm a sucker for epic tales and this one pretended to achieve that. Years are painful for me when they pass and people move without changing the position. It makes me feel defenseless and powerless. I feel vertigo and fear. Like a reminder that we have too little time. Above all when we compare ourselves with rocks. They last and they transform but they are not destroyed and they don't mind. I can't avoid the connection with long stories, I invest too much of myself but when I do it's because it was worth it. And this one was worth it.

My favorite part of the book is Cooper and his rocks. I find it beautiful and touching. I love gems and my earrings are the typical ones that hang with actual stones. I don't know most of the names but I used to have pyrite in a leather bag hanging from my neck. I don't know how I didn't end with my head on the floor because that thing was heavy. Fool's gold.