One of Those Days

One of Those Days - Zathyn Priest image

This is hysterical! I laughed so much I underlined half of my kindle reading it. This book is perfect if you are stuck in your reading, if you are tired of the same story, if you are down or if you want to laugh for the sake of it. It’s like the degreaser after swallowing tons of bacon or taking your shoes off after half a day walking, a relieve of everything else!


“Expect to hear a whole lot of bones crunching and cracking.”
He stared at me wordlessly. For a moment he seemed scared until his blue eyes wandered over my face and resulted in unnerving me instead. “Thanks for the warning.”

It’s funny because the boy in the cover reminds me of my older brother. I’m serious, he manages the same expression and they are quite alike.

“Then sit on the table and look straight ahead.”
“Okay.” My abrupt bedside manner obviously had him thinking about putting his skeletal system into my hands. “Where should I put my jacket?”
Shove it up your ass! “Give it to me.” He handed it over and I tossed it into the corner of the room.
“I could’ve done that myself.” He sniggered.

I’m very cautious with shorties or novellas, but lately I’ve found so very good stories, so my idea of those is changing, more or less. This one is hilarious and crazy to read. I’ve never have read a better doctor’s scene apart from Family Guy’s, (when Peter Griffin is told that he is fat).

“I assure you I’m qualified, Dick. Graduated three days ago.” A lie because I graduated two years ago. “You are my first patient.”
“You’ve never done this before?”
“Of course I have.” I’ve never seen sweat form on someone’s brow so quickly. “On mannequins. But the principle is the same.”
“Maybe I should make an appointment for another day.”

Alexander Bell is a chiropractor and his new client is his nemesis, Ric Saunders, his bully in high school. Alex is unrecognizable, so he takes advantage of the situation and acts like brainless professional.

“You sure you know what you are doing?”
“Pretty sure.” I nodded and pointed to a poster on the wall. “If I get confused, I’ll just look at that and it tells me what bone is connected where.”

But Ric has changed, he still is the most handsome man he’s ever known, but he regrets his past actions and tries to compensate for his mistakes. Now he helps children that are abused, and Alex is confused by the mixed signals: the good vibes the Ric in the present exudes and the bad experience from the Ric in the past.

A patient must be relaxed and I waited until I felt his chin settle into my palm. I then placed my other hand at the back of his head. “So how long did you say you’ve been having…”
In one swift, fast movement I twisted his head to the right. A fraction more and I could’ve broken his neck. Oh, what a pleasant thought. The cracking of his vertebra sounded awesome!
“Jesus Christ!” Both his hands gripped the side of the table.
“Did that hurt?”
“Ummm… no.”
What a pity.

And Ric is mesmerized by Alex so he chases Alex everywhere, to the point for Alex to believe him a stalker, sending flowers, asking for a dinner, etc. All of this create funny scenes and priceless dialogues.

Why did he have to stare at me so appreciatively? It almost made him look like he possessed a soul.

And, believe it or not, this book is romantic. Ok, it only plays one day, but the HEA is adorable, so I consider this a perfect recipe with all the ingredients to have one of those days when the sun shines.

”Whatever I order, you are paying for it, Dick.”
Ric nudged me in the arm with his elbow. “The only reason i’m letting you get away with that is ‘cause you invented my favorite toy.”
We started walking away from my car, side by side. “I never invented vibrators.”
“Telephone!” The palm of Ric’s hand settled onto my lower back and he laughed as he spoke. “By the way, are you ever scared you might break someone’s neck when you do that chiropractor head twisting thing?”
“No. But I wanted to break yours.”
“Don’t blame you in the slightest.”