Fighting Dirty

Fighting Dirty - Olley White

I liked this novella pretty much. From two guys who have not talked to each other in their lives to lovers only a fight is necessary. I get that, because lust I understand and that aspect of their relationship is quite obvious. The physical interaction is hot and the flame is ignited almost instantly, thing that is more distracting than not when they are trying to beat each other in the middle of the mud.

But it being so short I was dying for this story to have more depth, more 3D feelings because I thought it too rushed. It’s just that for letting the love blossom a year has to pass and that felt a bit off for me. Not because I didn’t buy it, just because I still wanted to live that year with them, seeing them grow at the same time their emotions do. I comprehend that is not possible, because it had to be done in less than 30 pages, but still. I’m disappointed with the rules, not with the author, I just want a whole novel out of this!

Based only on the story, I was into it in seconds and couldn’t let it go. I immersed into the writing and the MC, even if they barely talk, because their thoughts compensate the few words they mutter. The world created here, a mix of medieval atmosphere and fictional orb, was attractive enough and would be interesting to develop into a whole parallel universe.

I think the author very capable of making this shortie a big thing, and I really would want for the MC to have what they deserve. A visual and tactile reading in all its brevity!