The Blinding Light

The Blinding Light - Renae Kaye

This book is the homo version of Mary Poppins.

“I’ll give you a hint: it’s either please, thank you or sorry.”

This book is funny, light, positive and cheerful.

Which is definitely not my kind.

But I loved it!!!

The first thing I did when I finished this book was looking my disability shelf. I’ve read exactly 4 books about blind people so far, 2 of them are hetero. About the remaining two, one of them I hated. The another one had to share the focus with more than one pair.

Maybe I should change that.

Jake needs money. He would accept every kind of job, he’s that desperate. So being a fussy rich man’s housekeeper is not a tragedy but a stroke of luck. Mr. Stanford is not seen and cannot see, but he catches every mistake the cleaning lady makes, and writes them on a piece of paper everyday, in order for them to be fixed. He has already scared hundreds of housekeepers off, and Jake is the last shot.

Jake takes no shit from Mr. Stanford. Soon he has memorized the two massive instruction manuals, uses the braille labeler as a pro, listens to Mr. Stanford messages in the scan-and-read machine and doesn’t mess up the furniture or complains about messes in the house.

And he teaches Mr. Stanford some manners.

He’s that type of guy who doesn’t take criticism personally, and sees it as a challenge and not as an affront. And he laughs at everything and enjoys himself at every chance in the empty house.

But he doesn’t change his "perfume".

It’s impossible not lo laugh with this book, the good vibes are contagious as Jake’s smile is. As Patrick’s blind jokes are. As their amusing conversations are.

I would like to say this book is impeccable.

But it’s not.

Some issues grated on my ears. Jake’s family is not very edible, in spite of Jake’s acceptance and love. Jake’s mother is not an abusive one, but his negligent care is remarkable and selfish. Patrick’s proposition at the end of the book is so unbelievably insulting I had to read it twice to let that piece of information to sink in.

And the last straw, the ending surprise, is too forced and spoils all the niceness of the previous pages.

In spite of it all, Jake manages to see the silver linings, and he is always happy even at the most awful moments. His positiveness is enviable and in the end everything finds its place and achieves to bright.

Smile-inducing and nice, if you want to have a funny while, if you just want to have fun and think about nothing serious, this is what you are looking for.