Daylight Again

Daylight Again - S.E. Jakes Tommy and Prophet are awesome, as always.


But I didn't understand a thing! I don't really care but it's one of those movies I begin watching and I know from minute 2 that I will have to disconnect. Because I'm aware that every effort is futile. So I just try to follow the dialogues and wonder at the amazing shots. The story just doesn't make sense. Prophet thinks and he thinks about saying out loud that he is thinking about, which he actually hasn't said in his very own mind because there are only ellipsis and unfinished sentences. In the end it doesn't matter, as Tommy understands anyway and he gets it. But I don't. I feel stupid reading dialogues that are not real dialogues. I feel l'm in the middle of a tennis match wondering how Nadal won the play, I didn't see that ball coming!

And the time traveling... I'm tired of it. Suddenly we are in the States, now we are in Amsterdam. Not I feel like visiting the doctor. What the fuck happened there? There is such a lack of cohesion between all the events I'm not even going to try to link them all. Impossible.

The endless sex. IMO, ending and starting again non-stop several times sounds like sci-fi for me. And they are not young. Once I read the States spent $80 millions in Viagra (Pfizer) for the Army. I'm beginning to believe it. Because, seriously.

Prophet's potential blindness is not explained. What kind of disease is that one? If it's genetic it surely has a name (or maybe it's a syndrome). Why isn't it mentioned for the whole book? I classify that data in my shelf of "Important information I should know about the MC". Am I weird?

About Mal and Cillian relationship, as with the rest, it comes out of the blue. And I did read [b:Dirty Deeds|18719259|Dirty Deeds (Dirty Deeds, #1)|S.E. Jakes||26585179], so I have all the information I should have. In theory. As far as I know, Mal and Cillian have met twice or three times. Apparently that's enough for Mal to admit to Tommy that he's falling for Cillian and they haven't even talked (no pun intended).

Good news is that I finally found out why that sense of reminiscence while reading this book. This is so similar to the Black Dagger Brotherhood! They are powerful, invincible and tortured males. Everything is a big drama, everything is a big fight against a physical opponent (and an abstract one). These feelings are heavy on my stomach but at the same time I can't help myself from rolling my eyes. That combination is an addictive mix, but that doesn't stop me from criticizing it.

To sum up, I liked the book a lot. I mentioned it before, Prophet and Tommy are a wonderful couple. I'm glad I finally heard THE WORDS. It was about time! And the mindfuck ending with John not being a ghost, risking being discovered and caught just to torment Prophet and even putting sand and acting as a vampire (were there reflections in the mirrors or he fooled those, too?) is so FUBAR I'm at a loss of words