More Than Life

More Than Life - Garrett Leigh image

Well, it is about a war. And it's crazy but it's a modern war. It's not that far, right? There was some philosopher who said that, the more time that passes, the less deaths occur in the wars because the human being changes for the better as the same time values are strengthened. I don't know how to digest that. I wish I remembered that author's name because I'd like to know if he was born before or after WWI, or WWII, and going on. My brain doesn't work when it should. It definitely didn't when I finished this book.

It's pretty short, in above an hour I had read it. And then I thought... This war is not mentioned very often. It happened in Europe, it happened not a long while ago, in happened and it's not a good happening. Crimes were committed and brutalities were not uncommon. And who remembers that now? Apart from that Isabel Coixet film, I have heard little about it.

Mikail is from Pristina, Kosovo. Isa is American. Both are up to their necks in it. Mikail is in the Resistance, and Isa is a spy whose intentions are not that clear in the beginning. They say what we think that happened, really happened, and that we don't think about, happened too. It's not hard to believe this could have happened, but it was so quick I missed some kind of development. This novella would make a wonderful novel, and I hope that will be possible, too.

It's GL and she really knows how to write a love story, but my issue with this one is that it's too short. She came up short. Lately I can only think about that word: short, short, short. I'm not obsessed but it was short. Okay? It's supposed to happen during several months, but it's not showed, just told that those months passed and the MCs were together several times primarily to share information first, to share passion then. It wasn't enough and that's bad because it could have been better, but that's good because what little I saw I liked. A lot.

So, all in all, it was worth it and I loved their relationship, it's just that there is little we really know about them both, as there is no time to get to know them. It really improves from the trip in the van till the end. When the insta-love is forgotten it is a pretty believable and beautiful love story.