Superhero - Eli Easton We need more people like him.

Superheroes like Owen are always lacking.

There are lots of qualities that make someone interesting and attractive to me. I’m not talking about sex appeal, but “person appeal”. I love a confident person, a person not scared to speak his mind, but without being aggressive. A person who knows which is good and which is bad, and is not an hypocrite choosing the easier path. A person who loves and is not ashamed of that feeling, and he goes as far as he can to not to hurt.

A person who follows his dreams and values the doors that are closed but doesn’t regret his choices. A person who is kind and serious and laughs with you and not at you when you are not looking. A person who feels empathy and helps without staring at you as if he is doing you a favor. A person who encourages you to better yourself and is proud of you afterwards, because envy is not in his dictionary.

Oh, it’s so rare to find someone like that! I’ve known one person or two with lots of those qualities, but not all of them.

I’m still waiting for that person.

Maybe I’m naive to do so, but as Plato said, if it’s thought about, it’s because it does exist, because otherwise we would not be able to think about it. So, in the end, the ideas we have are real, even if we have not seen them with our very own eyes.

Of course, that kind of person appears more frequently in books. But not that much, because there is always something in the MC that strays from that idea. And books are not good with statistics, as normal people are not normally portrayed in them. Usually we meet the most beautiful main characters, the most intelligent, the most everything… Owen is all of that, but he is not perfect. He hurts the one he loves.

He was everybody’s hero till he announces he is in love with Jordan, and that’s when he falls from grace and becomes MY hero.

Maybe you find it sad, but if I could choose it, I would want to be with one man my whole life. No “experimentation” before, no “fun”. Just, first and last love. A whole life together. I believe that’s the best I could ask for in life. Of course, in a short while like that one, which are the chances of finding that someone?

And that’s when I recall a director’s words in an interview. He said: “I love filming about adolescence because that’s when we are more clever”. Look at that!

So, do I love this book due to Owen only? Yes and no. Yes, because he is what was worth reading this book. No because I love YA books. I think young love is purer and ingenuous, and that’s the best I can think about.

Young people have not already learnt how to protect themselves, they are not cynical and disillusioned (yet, or if they are lucky, never). I find that refreshing, I love innocence. I’m not saying they don’t have issues but you get me.

So, when a Disney gay love story?

I’m waiting.