Resistance - L.M. Turner This book is so funny!!! It gave me good vibes, that's for sure.


Ryan has a thing for one-night-only relationships, that's his rule, no faces, no names.


But suddenly Jayden appears, and he has a face and a name and oh-my-god-chemistry-chemistry-chemistry! He does not like that, not at all, so he tries to avoid him. But Jayden is as big-headed as him, so he chases Ryan everywhere, and even manages to put Ryan's friends against him.

"You barely know the guy! Why d'you wanna be his friend?"

She grins.

"Because I want to be a bridesmaid at your beautiful wedding! Can't you imagine it? You're gonna have such gorgeous children. No," she gaps, caught in some kind of insane rupture. "Dogs. Two of 'em. I can sense it."


Sex scenes hot-hot-hot. Dialogues funny-funny-funny. Ryan slap-slap-slap (and laugh). Jayden smile-smile-smile (and kiss). Olivia hug-hug-hug. Frankie love-love-love. Even James was worth it!


Ryan breaks his rule and gives in to Jayden more than once but in some moment Jayden tires and Ryan is aware that it's not right, so he decides to chase Jayden in return.


How will he get Jayden back?


Not a book full of angst, but cute nonetheless.