Muscling Through

Muscling Through - J.L. Merrow Saliva holds important functions in the human's physiology. One of them is to protect teeth. And here I was at a risk of losing them because I just couldn't stop smiling!


First I have the man of my dreams. Then I have Al. Due to romanticism or Disney or whatever sociological reason, I have that image of my perfect guy in my head. But if I ever find my own Big Al in this world I hope I'll be intelligent enough to grab his at his ankles and never let go that chance at happiness. It would be a crime.

I was having an awful week while reading this book. It was one row of crappy days in which I almost lose hope on humanity. One of those when we realize we are selfish and only think about our own benefit: man is a wolf to man. And that, as a species, is totally normal. The stronger one is the one who survives. But humanity has progressed in that thought. Or it should. Al doesn't know the word “meanness”. It's just not in his dictionary. So, is he really more retarded? Or more advanced than most? I had a teacher at school who said that in her whole life, she only met one person who was totally unselfish. I hope I find that person soon. I guess it's like Halley's Comet, you are lucky if you do find that person once in your life.

Al is simple. In every sense of the word. There is no pretension and no lies, only adorable honesty and blunt authenticity. Al is unforgettable. I have read some books with limited characters before, but very few of them are that touching.

“Al. Listen to me. I love you, okay?”


This book made me smile, and I’m glad for that, because I really needed it, and because it’s just so charming I was enamored instantly. I loved it was from Al’s POV. The story and the characters and the style are deceptively light. But very profound thoughts and big truths are shown here, they were unexpected but welcome. It made me laugh, it made me dream, it made me believe. Just perfect.