Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost - S.E. Jakes

I was prepared for a pair of bad guys.

But prejudice was there first.

It was VERY similar to the [b:Cut & Run|5199022|Cut & Run (Cut & Run, #1)|Abigail Roux||5266173] series. Two special agents being partened together against their wishes. Biting at each other’s necks. Quarreling at every chance. Insta-chemistry (the one out of the bed). Permanent snark.

Prophet is a veteran in Extreme Escapes.

Tommy is new in the game.

Prophet sees ghosts.

Tommy has premonitions.

Prophet doesn’t want to be recognized more than necessary. Tommy has tattoos and piercings on his body. Both have a hard past. Both have secrets. And neither wants to share them.

They are two alpha males trying to have the upper hand over the another in every aspect of their lives. The “I’m best” crap can be funny if well done, but here the rivalry was exaggerated, cartoonish even.

It’s ridiculous the way the author tried to portray their expertise in every fact. I don’t buy it, at least, I don’t buy it if written in this way. I kept the first third of the book rolling my eyes. They were the most in everything, the best at this and that. It unnerved me.

So, in my eyes, this book was not going to succeed.

Fortunately, I’m happy to say I could forget the reminiscence of Ty and Zane once I was able to immerse into the story. The comic feeling didn’t fade but it got comfortable to read, so in the end I enjoyed it a lot.

But then Prophet gets shot and he has to take on a leave and that’s too Ty-and-Zane-ish I was back to Earth in seconds. Also, Cillian reminded me of X from [b:Zero at the Bone|6382879|Zero at the Bone (Zero at the Bone, #1)|Jane Seville||6570901].

I couldn’t shake the feeling this book was made from parts of other books.

I’m not fond of mystery and suspense, so I usually overlook that part in a book. The case is curious because it involves Prophet’s past, but apart from that I didn’t care much about it. Well, it was an excuse to boast Tommy’s skill in fighting and Prophet’s skill in attracting males without snapping his fingers.

So if I’m being so judgmental, why did I even like this book? It’s easy to answer: because of the MC. Yes, I said a lot of things against them, but I can’t deny I feel attracted to them, even in my supposedly blind state my critizism gives me.

And please, the sex was hot.

I loved the chemistry between them. I loved the sex scenes. I loved the touches, the brushes, the kisses, the “You mean nothing-to-me-but-sex” lies. I loved the dynamics of their relationship. I even loved their secrets. I’m hooked and I want to know more about them.

So, to summarize it all.

Did I like it? Yes.

Did it blow my mind? No.

Was it good? Yes.

Did I feel this one was original? No.

Would I read the second part? Yes!!!