The Darker Side of Trey Grey

The Darker Side of Trey Grey - Tara Spears image

You won’t like this book if:

Your eyes bleed while reading grammatical errors.
You can't stand abuse, rape and pedophilia.
You don't like open relationships.
You can’t bear drama.
You ban prostitution.
You won’t accept "cheating". Trey has sex with someones (plural) who is not Justin while being in a relationship with Justin, and without telling Justin, although Justin knows he's a prostitute.
You reject BDSM and kinky sex.
You are afraid of suicide and self-harm.
You avoid psychos and lunatics.
You can’t digest irony and black humor.


You will like this book if:

You overlook mistakes.
You love tortured souls finding their soul mate.
You adore less than perfect MC.
You seek a permanent zenith.
You can’t live without "angsty" books.
You always have hope against all odds.
You like your molds being broken.
You worship a twisted but true romance.
You need that dizziness in your stomach.
You dream about that so hard-to-find fulfillment.


The story is quite something. And some of you would say: “Oh, no! Abuse again? Crap, drama-drama-drama? Bye bye!”. But here there is something that erases that melodramatic feeling that always accompanies these books: the narrator is sarcastic and ironic and it's a pleasure to listen to him. He doesn’t perceive his life as a tragedy or whines about it all day long. He just lives and accepts it as his own version of an ordinary world with his past, his clients and his classes. Not the normal existence he craves, but an existence anyway.

We are the minions on his shoulder following him everywhere and we live with him the most diverse of situations. Some of them are just so surrealistic you would think you have just jumped into a Dalí picture. Some of them are so crude and raw you would think you are reading a masochistic's diary. Some of them are funny in a dark comedy sense of humor. Some of them are adorable in a bloody teddy bear way. Some of them are just unclassifiable and you don’t look for a shelf for them to fit in. Because all of them, weird as it is, create a puzzle with pieces that, even if they are not from the same box, it’s pretty nonetheless.


I loved the romance. Justin and Trey have a less than romantic beginning, that’s an understatement. But Trey can’t forget him. Why is that? Ok, we already know why, that’s the reason of reading this genre. But self-discoverent is always interesting to me. And I enjoyed the trip. Trey is broken but maybe there is another guy even more broken than himself. I adore that premise, I’m always eager to see how they lead one another in blindness without falling into the pit.


It’s hard, and tortuous and sad, but it’s also beautiful and bright. I suffered, but hey, I love suffering in my books. Because the important feeling always wins, or, to put it another way, the hope always wins. I live that hope and I always pray there is a HEA but if there is no such a thing, at least I have the hope. It’s a bittersweet thought, but the aftertaste is all that matters in the end, because that’s what will accompany you after closing the book.


Now I’m sorry but I should play the devil’s advocate.


First of all, there is something I help can’t myself from criticizing: is everybody here blond? Because it seemed so. At the beginning I thought Trey was blond with blue eyes, but then he was a brunet? I got confused here. Freddie was blond, Thor-like. And Justin is a blue-eyed blond, Pettyfer-like. Seriously, maybe it’s just geography, but I don’t meet that many blond people everyday.

The writing didn’t measure up to the story and that’s a waste and a pity. Editing this book would turn it into something marvelous. I hope there are some corrections for future readers, because they were as distracting as catching a pink elephant driving a car. They stood out. I’m not native, but it hurt. I can’t imagine with English speakers.

*Bitch mode off.*

In the beginning I would have complained about all those pet peeves and run the opposite direction. But Trey’s voice is mesmerizing and there was no way I would have quitted. It’s just not a choice. He made me willing to fight till the end. That should be common in all the novels, that they encourage you to dive into the story and the character’s mind, but it’s not.

So, all in all, would I read it after knowing all that happens in this book?

No idea.

But, was it worth reading? Lemme think...


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