Regularly Scheduled Life

Regularly Scheduled Life - K.A. Mitchell I am aware a lot of people love this book.

I have a message for Sean and Kyle:

You both unnerved me!

I must be sick or something because I have the bad habit of finishing my books. And I don’t learn!

That’s not healthy, or practical, but that’s me: the silly young woman who reads every paragraph from page 1 to the end. I must change, I know, I’ll die soon if I don’t. Because these two gave me heart palpitations!

Firstly, I have had not very good experiences with stablished relationships. For instance, [b:Prey|8393603|Prey (Infected, #1)|Andrea Speed||13252424] and [b:The General and the Horse-Lord|17561299|The General and the Horse-Lord|Sarah Black||24491979] were a no-no for me. I had those warnings, and maybe that’s why this book spent so much time on my TBR self: something within me, very deep within me, knew this was going to happen.

Thanks, inner goddess.

You knew better than me.

Secondly, the writing didn’t get to me. I found better hobbies to do than reading this book. That’s a bad signal itself. The writing tired me only for trying to follow the thread, which itself was not interesting to begin with.

Thirdly, the plot is studiously shocking: a shooting in a high school, in which Sean is one of the victims who survive. After the worst has passed, he and his boyfriend for six years, Kyle, have to come back to normal life. But things are not as easy as they seemed in the beginning, and soon they discover that the hard part has yet to come. So, okey, it plays with your emotions: the fear of confronting a mad kid with a gun and the despair at knowing that the love of your life has been shot. It was convincing. Almost. That’s the excuse for us to get attached to the MC but I didn’t fall for it. I need pages and time for that, and there is no chance of achieving it without getting to know the characters first. Eventually I did have a concern of sorts, but it wasn’t enough to get on with them.

Fourthly, the main characters are plainly stupid. They are grown adults. Really?

So, Sean, why do you agree with Brandt’s plans? Can’t you see the obvious? Can’t you see your relationship is sinking because of that? Can’t you see the important things in life? Can’t you UNDERSTAND? And then you are shocked because things go wrong? Seriously, you know about cause and effect? The butterfly effect? The last straw?

Maybe you deserved it all and I almost like Brandt for it.

And Kyle, your reactions are childish sometimes. I can’t buy that after a two-page argument things are over. You give up too easily. You don’t fight for what you want or what you believe or what you love.

The characters are so thick they are hilarious sometimes. I can’t believe they lasted six years.

The sex…

It’s supposed to be hot but for me it was like a cold shower.

Ok, there were one or two scenes that were not that bad, but most of them didn’t inspire me. If I read sex scenes and I feel like I’m reading the shopping list in the supermarket, they are not worth it.

So, this book was boring and unreal, I WASTED too much time reading it and the feeling I had when I finished it was not satisfaction or contentment, just relief and frustration. It was almost a torture sitting down to continue the story. I didn't like the form nor the content of this novel. It made me roll my eyes, it made me yawn and it made me pull my hair out.


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