Omorphi - C. Kennedy

"Que pasa, Lisa?"

"We got a serious problem, Jorge, and we were wondering if you could help us out," she said calmly.

"Que problème?"

First of all, I'm not sure at all the author uses Greek words correctly, because he definitely doesn't use Spanish words correctly. Jorge is a Spanish speaker. I guess, from some of the South American countries. But he mixes French and Spanish. Apart from that, the Spanish is not well written, there are accents in the French words but not in the Spanish ones, and forget about the question mark "¿" that is necessary to write in the beginning of the questions.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. And in the beginning I thought it would be one of those I love, but no. The MC (and secondary) are a way TOO perfect. Michael is the understanding man all the way, and that's fine, but he ended exhausting me with his charitable attitude, not even once getting angry, it felt not real. Christy is too shining, too good, too everything, I couldn't digest him either.

So, the characters didn't convince me. But what about the rest?

Well, the plot was ridiculous... Why didn't they fire the security team? Everybody with two neurons would employ another one.

They where a shame, I lost count of how many times the MC almost died: bombs, firings, threats... Oh yeah, add that to your ad in the newspaper.

I also want to say I find so many unnecessary events. The book is long, but with half the pages it would have been enough. Most of the scenes were secondary plots, some to see how Christy gets used to a "normal" life, some to see how some secondary characters are matched, but everything felt unnatural for me, too stiff. For example, Michael's friend ends up with Christy's cousin (or sister?). He even ask her to get married with him... in two weeks?

Other thoughts... explaining things that has just happened to other characters. That got me bored, once is fine, but again and again is tiring. With a "they told it to him" is enough. It's insulting the reader's intelligence. We have a little of memory, you know? We can remember what has been said two minutes before.

And of course, I wanted it not to happen, but in the end the bad ones kidnapped Christy. That was the last straw. Too much drama and so little of it was believable.

Yes, huge disappointment.