How to Repair a Mechanical Heart

How to Repair a Mechanical Heart - J.C. Lillis Humorous, colorful, warm-hearted and sweet.

This is one of those books I never thought I would actually read. It was added a while ago and it was hopeless some day I'd pick it up from the mountains of books that are waiting for me. But out of nowhere Maya said I should give a try so here I am. I must admit I've started this book several times, but I did it half-heartedly and soon it came back to the pile. However, this time I achieved this so I'm verra verra proud.

Brandon and Abel have been friends for months now. They show a playful and relaxed attitude when they interact but in fact Brandon only displays his funny side with Abel while deep inside he's full of doubts, remorses and guilt. His facade at home is totally the opposite: gloomy and melancholic. He is gay and Catholic and he feels both can't happen in the same person, at least, not in himself (BTW, Spain is a traditionally Catholic country. People there can be more of less religious but the percentage of acceptance of homosexuality is over 88%, the highest in the world. Even Catholic countries such as Philippines or Argentina or Italy have a higher percentage than the USA. So please, let's change the idea that Catholic people are intolerant, it's out of style, shall we? The second country in the list is Germany, with 87%, so let's stop thinking about them as nazis, yeah? Global Acceptance of Homosexuality). The only one who knows he's playing both sides is his girlfriend Bec. On the contrary, Abel is openly gay, nonchalant about his tastes and thoughts, whereas Brandon made up some excuse to avoid all the boys Abel shamelessly throws at him.

Just seeing this panorama you wonder how the author is going to pair them up. Abel has a boyfriend already. There is friendship between Brandon and Abel and no more. No romantic clues and no suspicious-looking glances. Is this a love story for real? Do they fit together? A relationship based on lies can be no good, right? But there is definitely chemistry there, if only the snarky one. Their dialogues are smart, clever, dynamic and hilarious. It's like The Big Bang Theory after adding tons of adorableness and without the insidious banter that now and then springs out there. Maybe it can work after all.

And it does indeed! If as friends they were irresistible, as lovers they are to be eaten with a dessert spoon. Delicious.

I'm not a series girl, I don't get hook on TV series or fanfics. It's just not me. But the world of fanfiction and forums absorbed me. It was so amusing and believable! I could feel identified because even if I don't exactly belong to the Game of Thrones's fandom it was familiar, in a way. It's a fact I also fangirl and melt on a "regular" basis (what is "normal", now that you ask it?) so I could totally agree with some shippers here.

This book is innovative and original. Funny and adorable. Serious and witty. Profound and casual. But everything was in its perfect proportions. I enjoyed every second of it, no character, not even secondaries or extras, was amiss. Everything worked and ran smoothly here. What I complain about (but not in a very convinced way) is the fade-to-black scenes. I'm perfectly aware this is a YA book but that doesn't imply teenagers don't deserve decent sex scenes as people with a few years more on their birth certificate do. This is not really a problem, but I can't say I wasn't a little disappointed.

Welcome to de Church of Abandon!