The Magpie Lord

The Magpie Lord - K.J. Charles I guess I got stuck with the magpies and wasn't charmed by them.

This is one of those cases I feel self-conscious because I didn't love a book everybody else obviously adore. I feel fish out of water (why do they jump out of the tank, anyway?).

When someone tries to sell a product, the merchant rambles about all the virtues and advantages of his product and the client is the one who decides if his time listening to all that verbal diarrhea is worth it or not. The client hears the first sentences, something calls his attention and the peddler goes on with his monologue. If he is a good peddler, he manages to turn it into a dialogue and makes the client participate in the discussion. If he is convinced, the client decides the product is good and buys it. The seller gets money and the client gets a shining new thing.

But if the seller is boring it can be hell listening to him and you ignore it. But it can happen something outstanding, like seeing lots of people buying the shining new things so you stop and listen. The more time that passes, the more bored you are, but that person keeps selling them like hot cakes. So you begin having doubts, maybe there is a catch you are not getting, maybe you are missing something serious and honestly phenomenal you are not able to see. So go stay, listening like a dumb, hoping the bulb on your head miraculously lightens. In the end, you have swallowed all the paraphernalia with no benefit at all.

After the spell is broken you wonder, why did I waste my time like that? The answer was there since the very beginning, I was just not interested! I just didn't the seller nor the product!

The style never drew me in. I felt a distance from the characters I usually feel while reading an all time classic novel. It was as if the author didn't invest herself in the novel, as if she were manipulating her characters with long invisible threads instead of living inside their skin.

I don't like that feeling.


The thing is, I really appreciate the quality and originality of the book but wasn't hooked by the writing or the fantasy wows. I liked the world building but it didn't amaze me. I liked the characters but couldn't feel any affinity for them. I liked the plot but couldn't be less interested in the events. I appreciated it all from an almost scientific perspective, but didn't feel any warmth or heart in it. Zero chemistry. And I even found some inconsistencies and incoherences.

And I was immensely bored.

There is no recipe that works 100%. You can't ask me what ingredients should a book have to make it awesome. It's the way they are combined and cooked and the I-don't-know-what that makes it for me or not. I appreciate all the qualities of this book in separate departments, but as a whole it didn't tickle my fancy.

So, no, I'm not going to go on with the series.