KAGE - Maris Black

I pretty much liked this.

I'm afraid I'm biased because I love Maris Black like a lot. Her style is fresh and straight to the point and I always can feel the guys as university guys, not mature men that look like 50 or so. No, her characters are funny, carefree and a little immature. As it should be. That doesn't mean everything in their lives is a bed of roses. In fact they have some hidden shadows (or obvious ones) so in the end the stories are pretty balanced. Some are better than others but in general I devour them all in one piece. Almost.

This one has a similar beginning to [b:Pinned|20342983|Pinned (SSU Boys, #1)|Maris Black|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1388808194s/20342983.jpg|28329074]. Jamie is in college when by a stroke of luck he hears something on the radio. A MMA fight that evening close to his place. So with no second thought he asks for permission to get in, because it's a good opportunity for his journalism project. And there he meets Kage.

He knows nothing of him but suddenly he wants to know everything about him. Kage is gorgeous and mysterious and I could feel his magnetism. When he talks, when he glances in your direction, when he pays attention to you. I could understand why Jamie is blazed and can think of nothing else ever since. He develops an obsession.

So when suddenly he receives a job offer as Kage's intern he follows his instinct and says yes.

Sexual tension escalating. Badly. Too fast and too hard. It was so obvious and was MORE frustrated than Jamie that they weren't making out yet. Warning signals from everywhere: a touch where it shouldn't be, a look that is a little too suggestive, a sentence that could have some sexual innuendo... Sometimes they were so close I wanted to smash they heads together at last. Patience is overrated. But no worries, they make up for it. The waiting was worth it.

If I have to complain about something it would be the 50 Shades of Grey feeling sometimes. Jamie is like the good guy next-door who is manhandled by the bad dark guy, who is intense and always have the situation in control. Sometimes I felt Kage takes too many liberties. There were occasions I was close to openly dislike him because he is always the one reclaiming rights and not being willing to make the duty part. But I'm a sucker for his overwhelming and charismatic personality, which made me forget little details. Those annoying moments only fueled my need to know more about Kage, because so far he's hermetic as hell and in truth I've seen little of his real feelings and thoughts. When I meet tortured characters with a soft spot underneath I want to know them inside out, always with a few things in the dark, because that undoubtedly gives me a thrill.