Heart - Garrett Leigh I fell for Chicago once and now I want to revisit London, even it being that expensive and rainy!

I once told my mother my first option for my "arranged marriage" is a chef *wink, wink*.

And after reading this book I realized I was so so SO right! It's the best relationship, he cooks and I eat! She better beings searching him. I'm growing impatient!

I began this dear year with a GL's book, [b:Slide|18487180|Slide (Roads, #1)|Garrett Leigh|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1379124316s/18487180.jpg|26168074], and now I'm going to say goodbye to it and I believe I'll find another awesome author to drool over during 365 days. Sometimes the right book is written at the right time and it becomes a little gem for me. But as gems are rare so are great books. I'd like to say "This is the best GL's novel so far" with all my heart but that would be a lie.

The style is hers, there is no doubt about it. Sometimes I get upset at her habit of skipping scenes and periods of time. A few of them they are portrayed in flashbacks a little later. But my annoyance doesn't last long. I love her writing, I feel like I could immerse in it forever. She makes me feel comfortable and cozy, like listening to a lullaby while being surrounded by a warm body. She makes me want to put myself in fetal position, that's how close she touches me with her words. I can fall in love with the writing, even when I don't like what that person is writing about. Here I love her writing and I loved the story and as long as she does it like that, I can't really complain.

Tortured heroes are her hallmark, but they never are heavy or theatrical, but true and with no affectation or pretentiousness. In the beginning I thought Seb was going to be the safe harbor and that's totally right. But I first thought Dex would be the outsider with the same dark past I've heard a hundred times before and that he would have little more to say. But I ended up liking Dex much more. They are together only once in Padstow during the summer and more than a year later they meet again and that's when the real conflicts appear.

But the period in between felt too long sometimes. I get that we need some knowledge of Dex's background and I appreciate it. I don't like not witnessing a thing at all but I think making it different would have been better, because another issue altogether is portraying every event that happens in great detail and that's tiring when in proportion it controls a big part of the book. Dex's sexual exploitation and his living in the underground and his hooking around is too much when the book is less than 200 pages. A longer book or a smaller number of pages dedicated to that part would have solved the problem easily enough. The result felt unbalanced and that's what I'm criticizing.

A little detail, I had a great surprise about Irish Gypsies. They are similar to Spanish ones about being a secluded circle with different occupations, and even rejected by society. Animals are present and misery is nothing unheard of for some of them. But I also noted some dissimilarities between both groups. I took me by surprise, I don't know why, I didn't expect that. But of course, European people are not 100% alike, either. Just saying.

In short, it was a good reading, I can't expect less with GL. I have come to a point in my life where I'd read anything she writes, even her shopping list. So there is more than enough time to better herself for me. I mean, she is awesome, but she is much better than this compelling novel. Much better. And that's a good thing to say.

And she mentions Spain several times. I think we could get on very well...