Discreet Young Gentleman

Discreet Young Gentleman - M. J. Pearson It's like Kathleen Woodiwiss writing m/m!!!

Yes, it sounds weird, she's one of the classical m/f romance authors of all times. The cover shows it all, it's like the ones in the 80s, the ones with blind-shining colors that are so tacky, the ones with long-haired Fabio holding an almost-climaxed woman. Well, here there are two almost-climaxed men, and isn’t that gorgeous?


The inner is the same: simple plot, slow developing, clean romance... everything in the old-school way. One is in a high position. The other one is in the lowest of ones. One is big-headed and stubborn, the other one is flexible and mature.


Dean is all the time looking Rob over his shoulder but trying not to make it that evident, at the same time his feelings grow for him. Rob knows he’s not enough for Dean but he takes things as they come and always manages to see the good part in each situation, because he sees the beauty in everything and everyone.

They’re total opposites, but along the way they get to find each other in the middle. Dean is the one who changes most, in the beginning he's a little naïve and thinks Rob has no values or honor, but he discovers Rob is more that he seems. Dean's desire to know more about Rob collides into Rob's caution and secrecy. Their dialogues variate between friendship and distance, they get close, but then Dean says or thinks something awful about Rob and they are far away again, and the cycle goes on and on. It can be exhausting sometimes, but Dean has been raised in a certain way and he thinks he acts the best he can with his responsibilities and appearances. And Rob is hurt but he understands Dean and lets him be. His patience is lovable but he has steel underneath, so he doesn't let Dean make him feel inferior. Rob has some self-steem problems, but he tries to improve his self-image and he doesn't go to a corner to cry. He's a victim but he knows how to take care of himself. Yeah, Rob is a saint, but not a martyr.

There is a little mystery and a few surprises. All in all,the book is constant and with very few ups and downs. It is satisfying but in some parts it’s a little boring, above all because they are together alone a journey in a couch the whole book. That’s not necessarily bad, but there were some parts in their haunted buildings tour that I found very slow to read.

It’s not an "angsty" book, but it’s sweet and beautiful and with a lovely end.