Kage Unleashed

Kage Unleashed - Maris Black

Warning: this book if full of drama queen characters, immature reactions and OTT situations but I love it so much I don't care. This is a creepy truth to be told. And it's even creepier that I celebrate it. Hell yeah!

Now, poker face. I admit that during the first 30% of the book I was only thinking about seeing them together again. This installment starts at exactly the same moment the first book finished. Like, not even a second is hidden in between. But that also means we have to put up with the separation, so for impatient people this may be very frustrating. I'm talking from my own experience.

But the wait was worth it. And that's when the OTT situation (amongst others) took place. And I know this is not a deep thought but I forgive it because Kage and Jamie are so cute and hot together.

And it should always be this way.

A new facet this book includes is Kage's POV, which I was dying for. That means getting to know his inner self, of course. And I think it was spot on, it only made me want him more. I'm aware he's not the usual guy and I seriously would think it twice before flirting with him but I must admit his aura is irresistible. In two words or three: he's the dark and dangerous guy full of shadows and a tortured past, but beneath it all there is a tender heart, or so that's what I hoped. I only longed for his loving thoughts and displays of affection. Because he is hard but he is also soft. Even when there were certain attitudes that in RL sound too condescending or selfish, I loved him. Because with them it was playful and sexy. Because I understood their relationship and if it works for them, it works for me, too. Because in truth they are adorable.