Transcendence - Shay Savage What a beautiful love story!

When I opened this book I couldn’t put it down. It was so funny. It thought it would be one of those books to laugh at for a while, smile and forget the next day.

How wrong I was.


Yes, the first 100 pages are the best fun ever. So that I couldn’t put the book down even if my life depended on it. The following 100 are the lovely ones. Here I fell in love with Ehd once and again.

And the last 100 were the heart-wrenching ones.


I began this book laughing, and I finished it crying, it’s so earth-shattering like that.

Ehd is complete alone in the world. Each day he wakes up, he eats, he sleeps. Still, he is cold, he is hungry and he is alone. He feels life is useless, so he is very close to give up.

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But not today, today he goes on and wakes up, eats and go hunting. But this time it’s different. In this trip he finds a woman.


She’s scared.

She’s alone.

She is his mate.

He sees it as clear as that: he has to take care of her, have her safe, and put a baby inside of her. He just has to make her like him, and everything would be okay.


She has different ideas.

Because his mate is sooooooo weird. She makes strange noises. She wears stranger clothes. She doesn’t look impressed at his cave or his furs or his wood stock. She cries a lot and he doesn’t know what he has done wrong. She doesn’t want him to look at her when she relieves herself. She sleeps with furs beneath her head. She cleans herself a lot. She untangles her hair every time. She doesn’t like dead rabbits. She doesn’t allow him to put a baby inside of her.

In the beginning it was SO funny. The misunderstandings were hilarious! If we complain about men being cavemen wait to see the real one! Can’t compare.


But Ehd is lovable. Cute. Adorable. He doesn’t talk but he knows how to communicate. He doesn’t know the word “Love” but he understands “Luffs”. He doesn’t know how to mate but he makes love. My "inner goddess" was the whole time smiling.


Ehd is the hero of this story, we are in his head the whole way. His thoughts are ingenuous and naïve in some moments, wicked and mischievous in others, but always with absence of malice or cruelty. He’s a wonderful narrator. No dialogues, not even Beh’s words are written here. Just the sounds he catches, just the ones he learns. And he learns very very few. But two can understand each other if both are willing to. No words are necessary in their relationship.


The author has defied all rules about romance stories. Everything could have gone wrong. But it didn’t. She manages and she deals with every challenge with skill and humor. I bow down in front of her.


All in all. Tarzan talking begins here.

The book is very complete.

There is fun. There is sadness. There is adrenaline rush.


There is angst. There is LOVE.