Tarnished Gold

Tarnished Gold - Brita Addams I love this period of time!



I’m very fond of historical m/m stories. Since I read [b:Bonds of Earth|13265990|Bonds of Earth|G.N. Chevalier|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324358785s/13265990.jpg|18469263] I look for them in recommendations, lists and the like. It could be because the forbidden is very attractive, isn’t it? Or maybe I like two knights in shining armour. Or it’s just, I love reading about not-tedious history!

Anyway, when I discovered this one with the cover in black and white my inner self screamed YES! I spent a lot of time reading this book because I was in exams period. I was reading so slow it ended frustrating me instead of relaxing, and that’s not a good combination with stress. But finally I finished it!

I expected a different sort of thing.

The result is ok, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that I had formed a different idea in my head.

The plot begins in 1915 and finishes in 1955. Yeah, it’s a long way. We are with Jack Abadie since the first moment, but Wyatt appears later. Jack is a young actor wannabe, so he leaves home to achieve his dreams in L.A. But things are not easy there, several years go on till he has his chance thanks to Eric, who has a position in one of the movie studios. Jack has talent, so shortly changes from being an extra to get one of the leading roles. His popularity grows running parallel to the number of movies he acts in.

Life is empty, though. And he is on and off during the whole process. When Jack is in one of his down moments, he meets Wyatt and falls in love. But I wasn’t convinced, it was too fast, and too hard, and I want evidences, not only words! Their love is huge, ok, but don’t tell me, demonstrate it to me with actions. I believed it more with the following years together but they say “I love you” a way too often. I like the MC to say that, but repeating it again and again twists it to something not that earth-shattering and emotive. And also, they’re too perfect, like the black-and-white-happy-and-perfect characters he plays.


They’re happy, rarely upset, and if there are conflicts, they are all solved easily and with no further consecuences. I missed reality and angst.


Furthermore, there are some parts that are a little stiff. For example, Eric. Eric helps Jack to succeed and they are friends for years. Although Jack wants more, Eric rejects him. We know Eric feels more than friendship for Jack, but he doesn’t want to lower his guard. Then Jack meets Wyatt and that could-be-but-not ends. Later in time, Eric crashes and Jack promises he will find someone for Eric to be with. In the next page he finds that person. In the next page Eric commits suicide and leaves a letter saying he’s been in love with Jack for years. I understand Eric's motives, but I don’t like the author’s way of describing it all. It’s too fast, too forced. It felt like it was a way TOO pre-arranged.

I learnt a lot of things of the movies world. For instance, I had not idea about the moral clauses! And it didn’t even occur to me that studios threatened actors and actresses to get married or else! I know Charles Chaplin, who survived the sound era, and Buster Keaton, and, later, the Marx brothers, but that’s my whole knowledge about it all. So it was different and I like that.


To sum up, it was a good reading, if sometimes I was looking forward to ending it. There are several points I would have wanted to be different, but all in all I enjoyed it.