Juegos de seducción 1

Juegos de seducción 1 - Nut This is not a book review! Just saying... This will me being insufferably egoistical. Read this at your own risk!


Once upon a time a girl was born. She learnt to read and her mother taught her to love reading. She devoured children and fantasy books and Harry Potter appeared in her live. She thought there was nothing more but then she fall in love with the magical world Idhún and there wouldn't be anything better than going to Hogwarts and marry a shek or a dragon. But some time later, Jondalar came into her live and there was something new: sex and passion. The caveman was her hero boyfriend for a time but that wasn't long when she met Edward Cullen before all the boom with the films. She discovered romance and vampires and she craved MORE, so she got into the Internet thing all the people her own age had been diving in for a while already and she found a Spanish webpage of this brand new romance genre, the biggest and most complete database in that language. There was some new series called Black Dagger Brotherhood that sounded pretty interesting but only the first one was translated. So at 14 she met the most naughty and carnal vampires she has ever known.

That was my beginning in m/f and I thought there was nothing more beautiful than that.

Blay and Qhuinn were not vampires I wanted to read about, so I pushed them to one corner of my mind and tried to ignore them when they appeared in scene during those books.

Some years passed, she was admitted in the uni and close to winter there was this woman from that same Spanish forum who began talking about some weird gender called "homo-erótica". She believed that strange as hell. Who would want to read that? How there can be love in a man buggering another man's ass? Isn't it disgusting being two people of the same sex together, touching, kissing, f*cking? She didn't want to be there to see that being treated as a casual matter! She wasn't angry, just shocked. Of course, she knew about homosexuals but she had that idea that those men were feminine and those women were macho.

I'm sorry but I wasn't that well-aware then. Let's say I wasn't opposed and I went on with the saying "live and let live".

But you see, this cybernetic woman had different ideas. She was determined to make us read the damn book so she began writing reviews, recommending it every time there was a new topic about good readings, following people around the forum you would almost ban her for harassment! She managed to get some users to read the novel and the good opinions spread like wildfire. With each passing day (and each passing week) more and more people succumbed. So many you would think it a flu outbreak or a holly curse. I see it as a piece of domino falling and pushing the next one with it.

It was crazy!!!

This woman's sister was as weary as me, but for obvious reasons she received more influence in the matter. She didn’t want to dirty her hands but in the end she dived into the mud with no armbands. Anything just to shut her sister up, she agreed to read that monstrosity.

She succumbed.

I was scared.

And, let's admit it, curious.

The sister joined the sect and began following me everywhere whispering to my ear "reeeeeaaaaad it, reeeeeaaaaad it".

I didn't want to join the zombie squad!

In some second of weakness I couldn’t fight it anymore. I gave up. I went into the editorial webpage and ordered the cursed things and the books arrived the following week in an almost teasing promptness. The damn books were eager for me to start them and looked at me from the shelf with an evil and intelligent mockery for weeks.

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The hell with it, I was possessed. I HAD to read them!

The books kept looking at me with hunger and lust in their eyes. I was convinced they were despicable creatures that meant no good. But there was that amusing voice in my head (shut up now, I’m trying to write!) that was rubbing her hands expectantly. I didn't know what to make out of it so I waited some weeks till the Christmas vacation, when I would be free of my duties for some days.

But I couldn't wait that long and I grabbed the book. I thought it would bite my head off when the first page was dropped on my lap.

Holy shit!

What is that???


Fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, fuck-fuck-fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

Yeah, I know, of course that is fucking, when a boy has a hard dick he wants to do things with another boy with a hard dick...

No! Well, yes! There is fucking. But I mean, what the hell was THAT?

THAT? What do you mean? THAT is not that big, don’t be scared, you fool…

NO!!! I mean, THAT feeling there. With capital letters. THAT electricity in the atmosphere. THAT longing. THAT pain. THAT desperation. That...


Yes! Wait… one moment… what did you say?

That was my first m/m book.

Today, 3 years later, I went to the Warner theme park and saw Batman and Robin getting prepared before driving their cars around and the first thing that came to mind was “They look so hot together” and “I know what you really do in the BatCave when there is no Joker to catch (muahahahahahaha)". Then I went ahead to the Superman roller coaster. In front of me in the queue I saw… surprise, surprise… ¿Batman and Robin? No! Two men holding hands!

I couldn't help myself from looking. I fought to not to stare because, you see, I'm a polite girl and looking at strangers for long is not the idea of nice manners!

(So if you see a sappy girl with a cheesy smile watching you guy with your boyfriend... that's me!)

Mrs Bennet would be very disappointed in me... Or maybe not, now that I think of it.

Anyway, for some stupid reason (maybe my head was full of blood after being upside down so many times and it has not already gone out *giggling* or maybe due to some serendipity miracle) they reminded me of Karel and Noel. No, I know what you are thinking, it’s not because of Superman, I assure you! They weren't even half alike or behaved the same. They were just two ordinary guys holding hands and defying the whole world and those people who for some ridiculous reasons hate/mistrust them (as I once did) and I just remembered those two guys who had to walk a very difficult path to do just that and get their HEA, which, let’s admit it, is what everyone is looking for in life.

So, it’s not an understatement when I say this book changed me. Those same friends who pursued me like in a crusade against the muslims now regret the minute they decided to conquest my loyalty. Nowadays I practically only read m/m and they have to suffer blood, sweat and tears to get me to read another thing. I have turned from a girl who only believed in opposites to find love, into a girl who now can see love in kindred bodies, because only the soul is important.

I am so glad those users from the forum pushed me to the right side of the track I can’t put it into words. I have some sort of contact with some of them, even with that Spanish site no longer existing. I miss it sometimes but I prefer to think that changes bring good things. As it seems, it did, because I got very active in Goodreads :P .

So, if you have the chance and the ability to read this book, don't be silly and don't let the cover fool you (comic? That's not my thing, either!): read it AHORA MISMO. But if, as I fear, you don't, just think that there are awesome books out there, waiting to be discovered, and that there is always something new and shining expecting to be found.

That’s why I want to thank Nut. Firstly, to decide to consecrate years of her life and talent to write this story in which while reading it the world awaits with bated breath for several hours. Secondly, to convert me into a m/m fan and, indirectly, my mother. I couldn’t have done it without you.