Shadow Bound

Shadow Bound - Garrett Leigh image

It's very short (19 pages), so it's perfect to relax for a while as it's paranormal there are things which are left unexplained. The author mentions previous battles and recoveries so I don't exactly understand why this one is so debilitating it threatens Luca's life. Dash gave me a superficial facade I couldn't sympathize with. He observes battles and gives solace, or so I understood. But then he chooses Luca as a companion, why is that? Does he explain it? Why does Luca say yes? That pulling is not clear. I don't get why this relationship is special and what a difference it had with the previous encounters Dash or Luca had. When Luca says that he had never left a lover alive I snorted. It was like a bad joke. The nature of their personalities and bonds are vague and confusing and ambiguous.

I can't help myself but this novella felt more like porn than a love story: really, you have to suck cock to became a love creature?. If I wasn't told the opposite I would have said that Dash is a gay incubus. I could relate with his supposed angelical role. He was intended to serve as an unicorn, as I see it.

I love the author and this could have been a great story but I ended it with the feeling I was totally missing the point. If a novel came out of this, I would surely read it. As it is, I can only say I'm disappointed. I would have liked a more paced version and better developed, because incredulity mixed with pretentiousness. Totally wasted, IMO.