Harry's Great Trek (Empire Trilogy) (Volume 3)

***DNF page 226 of 498***

I've spent too much time trying to read this book, in my opinion.

I love the previous books by this author: [b:A Life Apart|17232778|A Life Apart|Roger Kean|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1357894488s/17232778.jpg|23749571] is a masterpiece and the MCs are not together for most of the novel, and [b:Gregory's Story|18169210|Gregory's Story|Roger Kean|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1373272958s/18169210.jpg|25537150] is equally entertaining and achieved to hook me even though I'm not keen on adventure stories.

Somehow, this volume is not as appealing as the one that came before it. Maybe because the amount of historical data is excessive and I'm not in fact a historical book fan. I get bored easily.

In addition, there is no real love story that encourages me to go on. Despite this, I managed to reach 45%, and still no success. Yes, of course, there are clues that something is going to happen eventually but the waiting is frustrating because Joy is a kid when the story starts and he has to grow up whereas Harry has to overcome a heartbreak and his method to do so is meeting lots of lovers throughout India and other British colonies.

Sometimes Harry was too stupid for me. The slip with Churchill, really? It didn't struck me that Harry was that bright from then on. In fact, he is seen under a positive way. Too positive, in my view. Churchill has more personality and charisma than Harry will ever have. In spite of Harry's ability to speak a trillion languages, his love stories are too silly for words. I never felt that way with the other books in the series. I take for granted there is a candid aspect in these relationships, as the age is in fact very cheesy if compared with the contemporary one but that's why it's very easy to become pedant, and this one did indeed. Spectacularly so.

I liked to see Wilde but still saw too little of him. Even though I've not read many of his books, he has too many quotes to be remembered and that's why I'd have liked to know more of him.

I'm utterly disappointed in this book, above all when I remember the ending of book #2, where I had the chance of seeing Joy and Harry together in the theatre when Gregory goes to London. I liked that scene but I'm not eager to read the remaining years for that scene to come true.

Maybe I will end it one day, maybe not.