Bold (Blue Boy Book 3)

Bold (Blue Boy Book 3) - Garrett Leigh This book didn't struck me as a strong story, as the previous books in the series definitely were. But it was good enough. Sometimes, weak books by certain authors are still books to consider reading. And GL is one of those certain authors.


Kai has been with us since the beginning of the series but he was always the secondary one who was friends with Sonny, and little else. Matthew is new for me. I'm not sure if he had been mentioned before but that only demonstrates that if he did, his role was not very remarkable.

I liked that both of them are similar. In the first book Levi and Sonny could not be more different. And they are my favorite couple so far. It's awesome I can still glimpse details of them together in the following books. But the conflicts these two have are too much to be developed on the sly. I seriously think a book should be whole book should be written for them, because one novella obviously was not enough. Cam and Sasha in the second part of the series have issues in common, but still, one of them is a porn star whereas the other one is not. As opposed to this, Kai and Matthew are both go-go dancers, who from time to time shoot a scene for extra money. They are both similar in looks and apart from that they can be considered equals, mostly.

The porn-industry environment is appealing but it's still too idealistic to be true. Things just got worse with the couple of two ex-porn stars who bought the Blue Boy business to John. I don't know a thing about this industry, but certain measures as worrying so much about your employees and giving them so many holidays and insisting in giving them more don't sound to me like something productive at all. A businessman buys something to get money, not to lose it. I find it funny and difficult to imagine that good people never have money problems, whereas bad people have a tendency to exploit their employees. I need something more realistic here. How come being a good person frees you from paying the bills?

I say it because, no way these two take MONTHS to get to know each other until they make the film. I'm sure this world is more abusive and straight-to-the-point than that. And the owners guiding them holding their hands sounds cheesy at least. In fact, the owners pushing Kai to study is cheesy at least. Don't get me wrong, this is in truth admirable, but they never struck to me as the businessmen they supposedly are. How do they buoy the endeavor if what they do is encouraging their employees to get qualification? Is that not a little counterproductive because it implies a way to get rid of your employees instead of getting them to work for you? I don't say that people are selfish as a rule but the issue was not treated well enough for me to wholly believe it. Just the opposite, I was more and more shocked every time. Very pedant.

If I overlook everything mentioned before (as I actually did) I can say I pretty much enjoyed the book. I can see why Kai and Matthew feel good when they are together. Matthew is the smart one, just about to get his degree, whereas Kai is struggling to get his SAT (Did I say this name correctly?) as he has reading problems (dyslexia). There are moments in which Kai seemed a little immature but I can't push myself to hate him due to that. I could easily sympathize with him. Matthew's POV is absent but he seems stable, if only a little lonely and hurt from a previous affair.

All in all, an enjoyable book I'd recommend.