Diamonds (Life According to Maps Book 2)

Diamonds - Nash Summers

Very funny and smile-inducing. I liked this one better than the first part.

"Apologize", Lane said to Superman.

Superman turned to Maps. "Uh, sorry dude."

Maps folded his arms across his chest and stuck his nose up in the air. "Hmph. You should be."

Lane turned back toward Maps, smile now covering his face. "I like your cat costume."

"Thanks", he replied, definitely not shyly and definitely not while his face heated.

"Oh my god," Benji said, drawing out the sentence like a long note in a song.

Out of the corner of his eye, Maps could see Perry looking at him and Lane. "This is ridiculous."

Benji nodded. "They're perfect for each other."

Idem. They are truly perfect for each other. In this book it was more believable Maps is special, he is less of a poser here, maybe it's because I got used to him, or maybe the author described him better. Whatever it is, I liked him a way more.

And Lane is still the super hot baseball boy with a cowboy hat. But he is much more than that, he is truly afraid to lose Maps, and has a good heart. I like Maps a lot but Lane is the kind of person I'd like to have for a boyfriend. He's insecure but means well. Always.

And the sense of humor (although they are not aware of it) that impregnates every situation is inspiring. Their mix is delicious.

BTW: Grease is set in the 50s, not the 70s.