Prelude to Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts - Lyn Gala

This is supposed to be before Claimings #1 but I wouldn’t recommend reading it before the “proper” book. Not because I like to read series out of order, simply because after reading Claimings, you have a faithful picture of the heart-wrenching world Lyn Gala created, and you are so looking to absorb more of it like a sponge. And that’s the perfect moment to choose going for the Prelude.

This book is not only about the beginning of Liam and Ondry’s relationship (albeit still not in the romantic stage) but also about the culture the characters live in and about the “rules” and “mechanics” they have to apply to and comply. It’s a compilation of short stories and every one can be read on their own, the order itself is not that important. The first of it goes around Liam and Ondry, and the second half surprises us with episodes of isolated events in a not-so-far away place and time. These chapters that are not exactly romantic but enlightening so.

Lyn Gala has created a whole universe all of her own. Not only planets, species, sci-fi paraphernalia and the like. She created a culture, a love for grammar and trade, a different perspective of life. Different customs, different beliefs, different everything. At first is strange to dive in it all, but little by little, you embrace this new world and revel in every cutey detail you can catch with this new mindset.

And of course, you swoon every time Liam and Ondry get to get close again. Their interactions are apparently stiff at first, but deep inside, you see something amazing sparkle, the promise of a shining future together. What he got to savour in Claimings is reflected in this Prelude. It’s a sweet homage to these unforgettable characters.


Full review to come. Meanwhile...

***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***