Finding You, Finding Me - Bailey Queen

This is the perfect example how things that start out meh can turn into something utterly marvelous. When I read that Kleypas-y beginning I felt like rolling my eyes six ways to sunday. I thought this was going to become my next big mistake.

Only it wasn’t.

Yes, I’m pretty lame myself, choosing a book with a guy with retrograde amnesia. I plead guilty. The plot says it all: simple, obvious and straight to the point. The character is in a situation of vulnerability and lacking all the social and personal inhibitions that used to stop him from showing his real emotions. But once that obstacle disappears, there is only the raw longings and desires. And the object of such desire is… Yes! The other guy! As it should be.

Everything had a specific path and it was already written. Predictable, silly, definitely entertaining and of course with some PWP sex. Sounded like a plan!

I even made some popcorn. I was ready.

Only I wasn’t.

So, if you are looking for that book, you better start running now, because this is not a book for you.

This book lied to me on page 1 and I’m glad of that.

This book hides a beautiful story of two men with the enemies’ shots flying over their heads. This book is about jumping from planes and crashing into the ground and shutting down that afraid little voice in your head that begs you not to jump. This books is about weeks in the cold trenches in the middle of winter, with food running short, with supplies at the minimum and with only a dimming little hope to enlighten their hears. A hope that they will make it to Christmas, to the end of the hell on Earth. This book is about those liberty days secluded in a room and scratching a moment here and there. A one more moment together. A moment together alive. And about comradeship and death.

It’s not a heavy book, and it’s not long, either. But it’s definitely not the cheap version I pictured in my head when I decided to pick it up. Don’t let that cover fool you, it’s more epic than that. It’s much more than the amnesia easy plot. It’s of course not a PWP novel. The ending surprised me, in a good way.

It’s worth reading.


***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***