To Terminator, With Love - Wes Kennedy

The book was total fun for the first 35% or so. I highlighted lots of quotes because they were HILARIOUS!

I thought I was going mad with the amount of sentences I read and re-read. Here there are some of these quotes:

“Do you know how many places drunken engineering students can find to barf in?”

“It’s in our nature to be innovative, Sandhya.”


Andre’s eye twitched in annoyance. “Can you go one second without making a sarcastic comment?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Whatever,” Andre mumbled. “It’s not like this is a literal life or death situation or anything.”


He’s not exactly someone you can call all willy-nilly.”

“Me dying falls under ‘willy-nilly’?”


Dexter’s shoulders slumped. “So we’re going on public transport with two assassins looking for us. Fun.”


“What happened to you being against sarcastic comments?”

“I’m making an exception for you,” he said bluntly.


“What’s more important, Dexter.” Andre turned and pinned him with an imploring gaze. “Getting a good grade on your finals, or saving the world and not dying?”

Dexter looked down at HAL silently.

“Do you seriously have to think about it?” Andre asked in disbelief.


“But it’s okay, because I have a plan.

Dexter sighed and nodded. “That’s good, plans are good. What’s the plan?”

Andre looked at him seriously. “We’re gonna make a run for it.”

Dexter squinted at him. “I don’t like this plan. This plan is stupid.”


“If O’Connor and Mondol are there, we need a plan of escape. Or attack.”

“I prefer escape.”


“This is, hands down, the worst day of my life.”

“It’s not exactly a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter for me either.”


“It’s an honor to meet you. It’s not every day you get to meet the harbinger of the world’s demise.”

“Uh, you too?” Dexter squeaked.


And some of the wisest quotes I've ever heard:

Andre slowed his pacing to a halt and looked thoughtful. “Yeah… yeah, you’re right. We might be at a disadvantage, but we’re not hopeless yet.”

“Oh no, we’re definitely hopeless. But if there’s one thing grad school has taught me, it’s that being hopeless doesn’t mean stop trying.”

So true.

I loved the constant movie mentions. I'm mad about movies, I even got excited when they mentioned a movie I haven't seen, which were not many. Mostly they were sci-fi or fantasy movies, and I liked how the author managed to put the jokes in the story, it's wittily done. I believe someone who has not that experience would be lost here.

But then it became too ordinary and repetitive. In the beginning, this book brought a smile to me face but then I could only think about finishing this book ASAP in order to get to the next one. When they go to the building I felt we were in Twin Peaks' red room, getting in and getting out to a similar scene once and again. Also, I think the novel would have gone better with no love story. The love story spoiled it all, IMO.

Also, there are aspects that didn't convince me. For example, the guns. They are supposed to be fake, tranquilizers only. The Agency has as a rule not to kill anybody. Ok. So then, when (view spoiler) This all makes little to no sense to me. She suffers brainwashes multiple times in the story, her personality and motivations change a way too often for a normal human being!

I wanted to imagine Andre as some sort of young Idris Elba, but couldn't. Dexter is Asian and it struck me as funny because I also have a friend called Wu, I guess it's a very common Chinese last name.

Their relationship is a friendly one but it's bizarre for me to think about them together. They simply did not suit each other for a romance. And I don't say this because Dexter is asexual.

This is the impression I got of them both:

Not very fortunate.

(view spoiler)

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