Heart and Brain: An Awkward Yeti Collection - The Awkward Yeti, Nick Seluk

My heart says, “Let’s get a new book.”
My brain says, “No, we have a way too many to read yet.”

My heart says, “Let’s go have some fun.”
My brain says, “No, we have to study now.”

My heart says, “Let’s go on a trip.”
My brain says, “We should keep money for the future.”

My heart says, “Look, a huge dish of chocolate with churros!”
My brain says, “We’ll get so fat we’ll have to roll from then on.”

My heart says, “Let’s dance in the middle of the room.”
My brain says, “No, we don’t want to make a fool of ourselves here.”

My heart says, “I want to sleep a little more.”
My brain says, “We need to get up right now.”

My heart says, “I only want to do funny things, you are a spoilsport.”
My brain says, “But we have responsibilities, too.”

My heart says, “Let’s go on a trip and marry a Hollywood guy, they make me beat faster!”
My brain says, “But are you so sure they will be good people and have a brain, too?”

My heart says, “Let’s talk to that person and make him laugh!”
My brain says, “He’ll give you a weird glance if you do, our jokes don’t make sense to them. Remember, we are weirdos. We don’t fit here.”

My heart says, “Everybody is a good person, I want to love everybody.”
My brain says, “We learnt the hard way that’s not true, and then you get hurt for your naïveté and cry to me and tell me you’ll listen next time. But you never do.”

The story of my life.