Rattlesnake - Kim Fielding

I remember when this book came out. All the hype, all the fangirling. It made people cry! I wish I could say it met my expectations but it didn’t. I kept reading and reading. Hoping that maybe, maybe, maybe, I’d feel the same eventually. But to no use.

This is not my first book by Kim Fielding. I’ve read Brute and the Speechless novellas. She’s an okay writer, solid and neat. I enjoy her stories, the blurbs are original and remarkable. She has a style lots of people love and I can see why.

But she has never lightened a spark in me. I’ve come to the conclusion that she’s simply not on my side of the fence. That’s she’s just not for me. I enjoy her stories pretty much, but I’m always left cold and disappointed. Not a feeling I want to have repeated on a normal basis. There are plenty of authors who really tickle my fancy, after all.

I felt numb.

The book is simple and straight to the point. I never felt my mind wandering, because the storyline and the characters kept me interested throughout the book. I liked the change of scenery. We are in the Wild West, but a contemporanean Wild West. Lots of Spanish names, crazy drinks and assless chaps.

Well, no, in the end there weren’t assless chaps. Bummer.

Whatever, I’d have liked to see more of Jimmy. Himself, I mean. For some reason, he was distant to me, I couldn’t feel him as I’d have liked. That’s weird because his POV is the one that rules in the story, the one that is clearly defined. However, it was not quite satisfying. I wanted to comprehend his life and his mind, why he can’t settle down, why, despite all the good chances and opportunities he has had to do so, he didn’t. I was so frustrated when the moment when I finally would understand him never came. I didn’t feel him complete.

Shane, on the other hand, was adorable. Trusting and confident. With an obvious vulnerability. He shocked me, one moment he doesn’t want his scars to be seen, and the next he has no problem showing them and he accepts it all with no problem at all. I didn’t feel it was real nor natural. I know we have to consider he has had 10 years to prepare himself. Still, I was not wholly convinced. He has a lovable family how has his back, and I loved how they cocoon and protect him. It’s evident he has a dark past, and when it was at last told, I didn’t feel a thing. I mean, I wanted to feel compassion, empathy, something, but I didn’t. Which is weird, because he has everything in a character in order to rock my world: disabilities and handicaps.

Nothing in the end. Not for me.

I felt so detached from everything.

The relationship was so off for me. I liked the MCs just fine, and they seem happy together just fine. However, I missed something here. Maybe a little of heart. Maybe a little of emotion. Maybe something else I can’t point out.

The conclusion was too rushed for my taste. I couldn’t believe all the changes of heart in such a short time. The letter, the leaving, the I-forgive-yous, the sudden this-is-my-place, the open arms.

The good? Rattlesnake. Mae’s café, the inn, the ranch, the familiarity, the impossible-to-keep-a-secret-in-this-little-town vibes. I honestly liked how a lost town in the middle of nowhere is portrayed. I could feel the atmosphere and why tourists would want to come to a visit. And repeat.

I also liked how this lifestyle rubs on Jimmy and demands him to stay. How it became harder and harder to leave. How there was always something to be done or to finish. How he doesn’t want to let people down, or hurt, but he knows he will.

But it wasn’t enough.


BR with Karen and Christelle and Josy! Thanks, ladies, it was fun ;) .