Last Mechanic Standing - L.A. Witt

For some reason I expected The Hunger Games in car version.

It’s nothing of the sort.

Chandler is the best mechanic in Jim’s garage and when the Wrench Wars TV program shows a mobid interest in them signing to participate in their garage competition reality show, Chandler wants to refuse. He’s well aware the only motivation for Chandler being an essential requirement in the contract is that he crashes with his boss more often than not, which would lead to OTT drama and the maximization of the audience ratings.

If it depended on him, Chandler would have quitted a thousand times already. But something, or rather someone, stops him from leaving once and for all. That’s Mark, Jim’s son. Mark drags a heavy college debt and he has no prospects and no hope in returning the money by his own. That’s why he lives under his father’s roof and is still in the closet, due to Jim’s homophobic attitude.

Mark and Chandler have been friends since forever, but it had been recently when they began their friends-with-benefits relationship, no strings attached. Chandler has known for a while that Mark means much more to him, but he has never revealed himself to Mark. He doesn’t really care, we will take anything that Mark is willing to give him, and he’s also willing to protect Mark at all costs.

This is the first book I’ve read by the author, and I must say I was quite satisfied with this novella. I could quite believe Chandler and Mark’s feelings to each other and their long relationship despite the few pages available. There are also enough interactions and glances and a few sex scenes that made me feel the chemistry between them.

The ending was promising and beautiful at the same time. I wonder what the future awaits. The book finishes at 90%.


***Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***