Pony Play erotica at its finest

Recalcitrant Pony Boy - Arden Chase

This is the kind of book that clearly says something about me as a person, and I don't want to know what that is.

I was reading the Special Forces and I assure you, I love it, but this book popped on my home page and... damn... I couldn't think straight. I had to own it, read it, do somethingwith it.

Yes, I admit that this week I've been busy, and the SF is a very long series, so I only had short spams of time to read. It was very hard for me to focus on that long book when I knew I was going to be interrupted in a very short while. But this book appeared on my feed, with that shamelessly proud title, and that promising depraved blurb, waving the cover on my very face and refusing to let me go. I was sold.

It's not that pony play is my cuppa exactly, I guess I was missing Reuben and Erik from The Copper Horse a little too much.

Oh my, this was so unapologetically kinky. This mix of discomfort and captivation for something I don't really understand, but draws my attention like nothing else does. This is plain erotica, and good stuff at that. Straight to the point and giving no excuses nor asking for forgiveness. The author lives up to her name. Ardent. Because it was.

We are in a world like in the one we live in, but with slavery. There are ponies and there are grooms and then we have the Masters. Master Iain sees this untrainable high-spirited pony in an auction and he easily gets him in a bargain.

He sees so much potential in his new acquisition, and he makes it his mission to polish and make this rough diamond shine and be worshipped as it should have always been adored. His stable is small but it makes him proud and gives him endless satisfactions, so he resolves to gain this beautiful creature's devotion and surrender.

But Sol really proves to be a challenge.

Sol doesn't give in, doesn't allow people to make a proper pony out of him. However, Iain doesn't take a no for an answer and he is willing to demonstrate he's worth Sol's trust.

There is heat in these scenes and of course there is sex and some why-the-hell-is-that-hot-? moments. And surprisingly, there is an underneath romantic streak, subtle and maybe not fulfilling for everyone, but it's there. It begins as a very distant sparkly but somehow, this young pony steals the Master's heart.

I must admit I wanted to see more, I wished to see a more profound connection, a more meaningful relationship. But I also have to say I enjoyed this too much to really care about that.

The second book continues the story: Recalcitrant Pony Boy 2: The Show.


Story finishes at 86%.