Pure erotica

Recalcitrant Pony Boy: The Trainer - Arden Chase

This series is so addictive I had to jump to this book just after finishing the second one. The story this time goes around Landon, the experienced groom that has Master Iain's stable under control.

Master Iain wants a new race pony and among his options there is this promising specimen who has changed hands a little too often. Landon sees this pony's previous masters have failed at something that is not evident at first, and he's resolute to find out what that is and to drive it to its full potential.

Mink knows what is required of him, and he also knows what happens when he doesn't comply. He's not willing to obey, and Landon soon discovers that, if he really wants to gain Mink's trust, he has to use different methods from the ones his pony is used to.

A very erotic story of breaking a pony boy with a firm and patient hand.


Story finishes at 88%.