Loads of fun!

Adulting 101 - Lisa Henry

It’s so hard to make a comedy. There are plenty of comedies, I know. And they are also popular.

I appreciate fun, seriously.

However, most of the times it’s just my mind the one who smiles. Sometimes my lips do.

But that’s all about it.

I’m usually this grumpy girl when everybody is obviously having a great time.

Maybe I just giggle on my own accord because I want to disconnect. But it doesn’t come from within me with full force.

I love to laugh. I really do. But very very very few times a book (or a movie) manages to make me laugh.

Laugh for real.

I often smile but I very rarely burst out laughing.

Well, in this book I laughed so hard I thought the veins in the eye would explode.

Nick is so authentic. His portrayal as this eighteen-year-old Peter Pan with a mind full of crazy ideas and a blatantly absence of mouth filter is very well built and endearing. A combination that gets out of hand more often than not.

Jai has an incredible ass and that’s reason enough for Nick to get to him and offer a BJ just after they exchange names. Best decision ever, because now he has a boyfriend fuck buddy.

Or worst, because they both lose their jobs.

And Jai desperately needs a job. He only stays in town for the summer. The rest of the year, he prepares his backpack and disappears. Sort of Mary Poppins.

And Nick desperately needs to forget college is coming in September. Because everything ends then: his childhood, his co-dependent relationship with his soul mate Devon, and it all comes down to clear a path to uncertainty and… adulthood.

But hey, it’s going to be the best summer ever. September is so far away.

This is the winner quote for me:

Jai shouldn’t keep looking, but he can’t help himself. He also should have known better than to open the notebook Nick accidentaly left behind, but he’s too shocked to castigate himself over that right now. He can’t stop turning the pages.

Holy shit.

Jai’s Ass: A sonnet (abandoned)
Jai’s ass is like the most incredible thing
I want to do things to it with my mouth
I look at it and heaps of angels sing
And (something that rhymes with mouth goes where)

He flips to the next page and discovers a limerick.

There once was a man called Jai
Who was the world’s most hottest guy
And I’m shit out of luck
If we never fuck
I’ll scream “Why Jesus why Jesus why???????

(Have you seen me with the kindle of my face trying to hold my intestines with my hand? Damn, I thought the laughs were going to make serious damage.)

Yes, the book is hilarious. I don’t remember the last time I laughed this hard, maybe that movie about vampires sharing home in New Zealand, What We Do in the Shadows. Although I must admit that Klune also can bring me joy.

Whatever, there was no chance of my attention being drawn by anything else for long. This was too much!

There are many references to fantasy/epic movies and pop culture. Not snob or picky enough to be really challenging, so I’m glad I understood them all: The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Matrix, The Avengers, Pokemon… and David Lynch. The only one that was a true miss for me was Attack on Titan.

Adulting is so hard!

Adulting is really hard.

When that girl says she wants to be a Pediatric Surgeon I laughed out loud.

I’ve been like that, too.

Multiple times.

How can people be so sure what they want to do even before they have started?

Oh, I understand jealousy, they are all so sure what they can to do and how they are going to do it and how capable they all are to make it real. Lots of confidence? Or lack of such? Self-overrating? Or just dreams that won’t come true? Or will they after all?

I liked seeing how these doubts chew on Nick’s mind and fly around him like vultures. The clock is making “tick tack” sounds and everybody expects a reaction from him, a decision, a choice. Even not choosing is a choice by itself, and the consequences are unthinkable.

He cannot think.

But Jai is also “stuck” in his own way. He is 25 but still hasn’t settle on something, whatever that is. He began travelling to leave everything behind, but now he does it because he likes it. Despite this, he’s not as sure about his future as his attitude implies.

As someone told me: God has a tendency to laugh at people’s plans.

Or plainly: Life gives many turns.

So, once we have established the sense of humor made it for me, I’d like to say I expected more development of the relationship. There is a step from liking each other to liking-liking each other, and an abrupt one at that. Also, the step from liking-liking to love is missing. The book finishes with the promise of a HEA, but not a HEA per se. They start as friends with benefits and somewhere along the way they become boyfriends, but I couldn’t feel that transition for real. I feel there is chemistry, in and out of the bed, and the comfort and joy they find when they are together, but not much beyond that.

However, I could really feel the need for Nick to be with his BFF Devon at all times. If Devon was gay, that would be an amazing love story.

I couldn’t bring myself to really care about that.

Anyway, I conclude Lisa Henry can write everything. I got to know her with her contemporary BDSM facet, but then I tasted her historical flavor and later I dared with her sci-fi installsments. However, most of them are within the limits of the dark and the heavy. I had to see if she could deal with a lighter mood as well.

Well, after this demonstration, she aces in everything under the sun.

In my opinion, there is little she can’t do, she’s a very complete writer, and she demonstrates this once again in a coming-of-age comedy in which the laughs are guaranteed.

I really recommend this one.


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***Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.***