Funny and cute

How to Be a Normal Person - T.J. Klune

This was an OTT, crazy, nonsensical clean-romance book. The Eyebrows of Judgment say YES!

“God, you are abnormal and weird and strange and that's awesome.”

The first time I tasted one of Klune’s humorous books I DNFed it. I feared the same would happen with his one. This author can make me laugh (hard) and can make me ansty (a lot), too.

I felt I had landed in an alien place.

Well, the cover should have told me something.

I mean, it was bizarre as hell. Surrealist. Childish, even.

Like a Wes Anderson movie.

Yes, I thought many scenes were forced, it not impossible. But suspending disbelief here is natural, it took me no effort to get into the story and enjoy it fully.

I love the fact Casey is asexual. I mean, I think this is the first asexual love story I’ve ever loved. For real. I think that’s what makes this story interesting, as the author has to look other ways for the characters to get close to each other. And he aced! There is no sex. Nothing. But there are loads of kisses and hugs, and it was all so fulfilling and… damn, SO CUTE!

Gus is not the average person. He behaves as if he was angry at the world. He doesn’t take change easily. He doesn’t take humor easily. He doesn’t take Michael Bay’s existence easily. He doesn’t take ANYTHING easily. Maybe he gets a seat in the parking of the Personality Disordered.

Gus has an almost pathological need for a rigid schedule, and everything that gets out of the invisible lines he has stablished makes him believe the world is coming to an end... or that the whole world is against him. He’s been an island his whole life, but at least he used to have his father close, once upon a time. Now there is no one there to keep him “connected” to the outside world, unless you count the video renting shop, and he is too damn inflexible to ever get out of his shell, no matter how inocuous the challenge or the change.

Suddenly there is someone new in the café, someone who should have never been there in the first place.


How does he dare?

The world is coming to an end.

Gus doesn’t know how to deal with him. Casey is too handsome for words. Too pushy. Too damn adorable.

Gus’s mind shortcircuits.

Casey is an outgoing hipster obsessed with selfies, Instragram and marihuana.

He’s so damn irritating!

Gus can’t think straight.

And everything is turned upside down.

It’s Casey’s fault.

But somehow, Casey’s opinion begins to matter. Gus doesn’t ponder this, he just assumes he’s not normal. But he wants to be. So, step by step, he goes a bit further in his mission to acomplish his goal: be normal, be happy, be what Casey needs.

He finds out he’s just what Casey needs. And that Casey is what Gus needs.

This novel was so funny and entertaining, and I’m glad to see that Klune’s humorous facet is not forbidden territory after all. Despite, my failure with Tell Me It’s Real, I’m glad I gave him a new chance. I’m glad I pushed myself to finally read this.

Eyebrows of Judgment rule!



BR with my twin monster Josy!