Grandmas and grandmas

closets - Julio-Alexi Genao

This was really short and a pleasant surprise. Not because I didn't expect this to be good, but because this is a love story, but not the one among two men.

It's about a grandma and a grandson.

My own grandma would be scandalized. Not because of the gay part, but because of the 'sex' part. She used to sew the cleavage of my mother's and aunt's bikinis because they were too 'revealing'. For her standars, I mean. My mother and aunt used to unpick them. And my grandma sewed them again. It was a war of wills.

I love it when my mother tells me things like this about her. She was so OTT. I laugh so hard.

My mom doesn't.

So no, I can't see her behaving the way Julio's grandma does.

When I was told my other grandma was close to become a nun I wasn't that surprised (I must say that I thank God she didn't do it in the end and married instead).

So yes, this grandma rocks.

This is Julio™.


You can read it for free here.