One of the best manga I've read so far

Twittering Birds Never Fly vol.1 (Yaoi Manga) - Kou Yoneda

Amazing. This is the real thing.

I wanted to read this series because of a bunch of reasons:

1. The title is poetical and beautiful. It stuck and couldn't forget about it ever since.
2. The covers are suggestive and artsy.
3. Kou Yoneda's style agrees with me.
4. Shady environment: the Japanese mafia.
5. One of the MCs is impotent. The other one is a masochist. I wanted to see how the hell this would be sorted out.

Yes, I kind of expected this to epically explode in my very face, yet it didn't.


Yashiro is yakuza. He's also an teasing irreverent masochist who has been secretly pinning his best (and only) friend from high school.

Doumeki is an ex-con, and an ex-police officer, who intercedes in one of Yashiro's 'scenes'. He's also impotent. Nothing can scratch his imperturbable armor. Or does it?

Yashiro takes him as his bodyguard (although he finds other uses in him) and loves provoking him in all ways he can think of. Sexually mostly, and the non-answer he receives from Doumeki only spurs him on even more.

Strangely enough, there is a compelling atmosphere in this story. The characterization is incredible, and their attachment to each other may be deeper than it seems at first. Even when they are unable to meet in the middle.

Or are they?


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Volume 5: 23-?
Volume 4: chapters 17-22
Volume 3: chapters 13-16.5
Volume 2: chapters 4-12
Volume 1: chapters 1.1-3.5


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Volumes in the series:

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