Don't touch me, germs!

Ten Count, Vol. 1 - Rihito Takarai


The premise is pretty awesome. A boy with misophobia. He cannot let anything touch him. And he cannot bear the thought of anybody (or anything) touching him. And another boy who falls in love with him and pushes him into doing things he doesn't like because he finds them disgusting, but that he really wants to do nonetheless.

The other MC is a psychologist with his own issues.

Both have painful pasts, and both have their very own reasons to be what they are, even when they may not be aware of them.

I wish I could read a m/m romance novel about this topic.

I've read another yaoi by this author, Seven Days, which I didn't like. But this one was compelling and sensual. Maybe a little twisted, but whatever.


This is a review of the whole series.


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Volumes and chapters:

Volume 6: chapters 34-?
Volume 5: chapters 25-33
Volume 4: chapters 19-24.5
Volume 3: chapters 13-18.5
Volume 2: chapters 7-12.6
Volume 1: chapters 1-6.5

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Volumes in the series:

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