New authors, new horizons!

Billie Jean - Claire Davis

Sexy and adorbs.

And sizzling hot.

This is my first story by these authors and even though it's quite short, I'm amazed at how well they manage to give life to the characters and how that devotion towards each other devours every single page.

The relationship is already six months old, so the book mainly focuses on how Niall sees Dan, and how much his world spins around him ever since. How important Dan is to Niall, and how important is to Niall not to lose him.

Even when he feels the need to hide aspects of himself from him, fearing he wouldn't be fully accepted by Dan.

I'm not exactly fond of cross dressing, but I admit it's not something I run away from, either. So that's why I'm glad that part is used just fairly, avoiding to be overdone.


You can read it for free here.